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Gravity Heroes is an action arena fighter game, in which players control four bosses, called Heroes, and defeat countless waves of enemies to gain experience, new weapons, and new skills. Gravity Heroes is the first game in the Gravity Heroes series, featuring the most extensive weaponry, uniquely textured bosses and an innovative turn-based 2D gameplay system that is easy to learn.
* New innovative turn-based 2D gameplay system makes the gameplay easy to learn but hard to master
* 9 new Characters, ranging from castle-destroyer and dog-man to rocket-and-dart machine-gun girl and super-efficient fisherman. Each hero has their own weapons, skills and special attacks, and each weapon can be upgraded as you progress
* All the bosses have unique style, from 10 extra classes, to shield armor, and many more
* Five stages, each with a random gameplay style, including Naughty Mode, Brutal Mode, and many more
* Dynamic cutscenes for each stage, such as a zombie romance, or the boss’ first battle
* Over 80 unique enemies, including dogs, crossbows, and light-saber wielding wizards
* One player vs one player mode, and one player vs all mode
* 48 unique weapons, including infinite explosives, spiked clubs, fireballs, and many more
* Customize your own character by changing the hero’s color, as well as equip
* 16 hero-specific weapons, each with a unique weapon upgrade system
* 40 special skills, from attack, to defense, to movement speed upgrades
* Many different ways to beat enemies, from melee, to range, to traps, to the unique special attack “Trip Backtime”, with over 100 special attacks
* 16 different areas, each unique in their own way, from the chaotic, to the deadly
* Many features like lighting effects, detail, density, and more, depending on your hardware configuration
* No loading times between stages
* No loading times between weapons
* Various difficulties, including Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare
* Dynamic scrolling, moving from the side or the bottom screen
About Anti-Gravity Studios:
“Anti-Gravity Studios is a small two-man indie developer, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Anti-Gravity Studios team consists of Nicolas and Stéphane Duhamel. We are self-funded, and all our game development is done in-house. We love to share our love


Ultramegon Features Key:

  • One-key method to switch between supported languages and to activate auxiliary search (e.g for FAQ) (Alt+)
  • Go through list: Ctrl+number, number
  • Quick to access/searched menu or go to the next/previous page in the list.
  • Press Q key to quit.

    For client support/service

    Other features:

    • All supported languages are offered in the server.
      • Push your language from your laucnher to the server through server-side script.
      • Server-side script to switch between your languages
    • Progressive/incremental learning: key board input sends keys to server, server returns translation
    • All translations are normalized to be backward compatible (e.g. how language is defined in the OPMLs)
    • T30 (Russian) is supported: key board input sends keys to server
    • Softpad for T32/H15

    Used languages (OPML, grammar, board):

    • Chinese –
    • French –


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      Lunnye Devitsy is about returning home. The loneliest thing in the universe is feeling abandoned by your people. Lunnye must find a way to escape this painful situation and to find his people.

      60 reviews


      You’ve been stranded on the largest moon in the system for six months. Your worn-out spaceship is about to fail and it will only take one more small “error” to force you into a brutal death spiral towards the far side of the moon. Your only chance to save yourself is to find a way to get home.

      The moon is a huge, snowy mountain with caves, moonshine and alien beings looking for your help. Every cave and passage is a test of your skills, as one fatal mistake will mean death.

      The main problem is that you’ve lost all your memories from the crash and you don’t even know if your home planet ever existed.

      It’s your job to help Lunnye make his way home. The first step is to locate some fragments of the planet you’re from in the smelly interior of a certain cave. Each fragment is needed to make one of three crystal keystones.

      Once you’ve got your keystones you can use them to transform the moon’s landscape. Build a huge wind turbine, house, space station or spaceship. Make a robotic police force to hunt the creatures of the moon. Whatever you build, you’ll need to protect it from the dangerous creatures that roam the moon.

      You have many different items at your disposal and all are needed to survive. Some are more useful than others and some change the rules of the game.

      Every adventure has a different set of rules that you will have to deal with. Completing an adventure will require you to perform certain skills. A gameplay mechanic that gives the game a different feeling every time you play.

      While building ships and guns, Lunnye will uncover the story behind his past. The main characters are all refugees who started on the moon with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Their war-scarred souls are still hidden in the depths of their dreams. A mystery unfolds when all of them combine their powers together.

      There are over 200 alien creatures to protect you and fight against, an immense soundtrack to discover, a mysterious storyline to uncover, and of course, a universe waiting to be explored.

      Copyright 1999 – present Kairosoft GmbH.
      lunnye dev


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      The game “Sabotage 1.0” on PC can work in two different modes – in “Arcade” and “Story” mode. In the “Arcade” mode there will be a time limit – the enemy will come to find you. You have three possibilities to escape. In each of the “Story” modes there will be a mission to complete, and after this mission there will be a time limit. To open the game, please press alt+tab to open Taskbar, it can help you.
      Keyboard is set in “Isometric” mode. Press keys: space, ‘C’ – “menu”;’A’ – “help”; “W” – “Wake up”; “E” – “End”; “R” – “Restart”.
      The game “Sabotage 1.0” will be started automatically each time you start computer. On saving and exiting the game you will be able to play “Sabotage 1.0” in a “New Game” mode.
      You need to enter the data for the next mission at the Start menu.
      You can change the resolution of the game in the Settings menu.
      Other options can be found at Game menu, under the item “Options”.
      The game “Sabotage 1.0” is distributed to you under the terms of the General distribution policy.
      You can use this game to test the new maps of your favorite game. We hope that our game “Sabotage 1.0” will become a unique game with your favorite maps. You can use the maps that were created by your colleagues, friends, or you can make your own maps using our game engine.
      Description of the game:
      -# This is a free game;
      -# This game is released under the General distribution policy.
      Thanks you for looking!

      Arkanoid 1.10Version: 1.10Added 2 new levels.
      Thanks you for looking!

      Assassins Creed 2.1v1.0.1
      This is our new version of Assassins Creed 2.1.

      Elder Scrolls 2.1v1.0.0
      This is our new version of Elder Scrolls 2.1.

      Serious Sam 3.9v1.0.0
      This is our new version of Serious Sam 3.9.

      LightsOut Windows 7 Game
      LightsOut Windows 7 Game is a multi-player game. You have a head-on-


      What’s new in Ultramegon:


        Vampire Halloween Tool


        Don’t be afraid to try – pterodactyl on “thank you for reading” in Fan art – not usually a bad one- They really showed this Friday

        Do Something Annoying – Deverry’s synopsis gives an idea of how the story plays. Put them in a dungeon with fake end hearts and not give them hearts once they kill their human. Or put them in a tomb. On the cinematic version makes sense. The visual is something you should get away from.

        Archer Velez


        Don’t be afraid to try – Game 1? Cogsworth scares me on the bestiary but has some cool cards (dragons, etc.), but he could be catastrophic if you lose

        Kris Thussler


        Stay away from the snake – could be a nice deck, but avoid them. Better to save a slot

        ~ Lee Roberts – Art manager


        Status: Fixed – No worries!

        Layout: Changed to make collector’s edition and hidden cards easier to spot. I made them a bit easier to find because I thought that was what was causing the glitch.

        Beta version still in testing so if you see an error please let me know.


        Mathew Osborne – Creative Director


        Status: Fixed!

        Layout: Changed the poi’s so the image would not cover up the card art.

        Thanks for finding this!

        Catrina Ware – Editor


        Status: Fixed!

        Layout: Working on a fix right now

        Thanks for the feedback!

        ~ Aaron Crouch – MEMBER MANAGER


        Status: Fixed – Working on a permanent fix for these – no one is working on that daily so keep that in mind.

        Layout: Awwww….

        Thanks Mathew,!!

        Maya Pearson – Game Designer


        Status: Fixed!


        So this is a really difficult problem to solve… Basically because the team is in Vancouver, and I work in England, they have access to what I am working on and every night I get something like this – which is why it is a constant issue in the design phase. As


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        Warage is a classic RTS with RPG influences and lots of different units, structures and features.
        You can choose a faction and play the campaign offline. The game has a fast and realistic RTS experience.
        It is an RTS that focuses on immersion and incorporates features that are not very common in RTS games.
        Welcome to the fantasy world of Warage. Move in and explore all the features and enjoy gameplay!

        If you like Warage’s look, this mod is here for you:

        It adds a new scenery, new landforms, new trees, new biomes, new inhabitants, new weather, new NPC, new units, new sounds, new menus, new buildings, new objects, new textures and much more.
        So, you will be ready to play in a new Landscape.
        To add a building at a time, click on the building icon at the top, select “Add Mod”, select “scenery”, select your mod, click “add” and you’re done. 🙂
        You can also reset your world by deleting the.sims3 file.

        I never really liked 3D RTS games but this one has a lot of depth. There are two factions and they have totally different units and stuff to make battles more interesting. There are a lot of RPG elements like mana/mana recovery, stats to upgrade and a lot of different types of troops. I can say the graphics are OK, could use a lot more customization and with more units. It’s not completely polished but I’m a happy player so far.

        Let’s be the best!
        Zombies-In-The-City is a five map zombie survival arena game. Create as many teams as you like, or create one team to play alone or online.
        After World War II, there is a plague that has killed millions of people worldwide. Now, those that remain have turned to a life of pure survival. The government is collapsing around them and all the outside world can offer is hopelessness and despair.
        You are a survivor, the only one able to fight for your own survival. This struggle of survival is going to take you on a journey into the land of the undead. It’s your quest to become the last non-infected person in an empty world where all signs of


        How To Crack:

      • Importer 3.2.6
      • ModImporter 3.2.6 + ModXRAR 3.2.6
      • Step5:
      • Extract & Copy Leviathan 3.2.6 + RAR folder inside Leviathan3.2.6 into game directory of Liberty Launcher
      • Step6:
      • Load game and click play
      • Alternative way to get this game for Android – Download this game

      System Requirements For Ultramegon:

      Game Version:
      Game Directory: F:/NCSA2015/
      Source Code: F:/NCSA2015/code/
      Pics, Screenshots, Patches, etc:
      Development Progress: Progress is based on the date of this release.
      2014-05-16 – 2nd Build – Release Candidate
      2014-05-22 – Release






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