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Uawks For PC 2022 🠦

Unofficial Apple Wireless Keyboard Support (UAWKS) is a small package that allows Windows users to make full use of Apple’s uber-sexy bluetooth keyboard.







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UAWKS makes it possible to communicate with Apple bluetooth keyboards for Apple laptops.
Addresses the keyboard layout issue.
Frees up bluetooth keyboard for use with any bluetooth enabled device.
Allows full use of standard windows keyboard.
All tools required are easily and freely available.
To set up a working UAWKS install:
1) Copy the UAWKS package to your desktop.
2) Double click on UAWKSSetup.exe and follow the instructions.
3) Install UAWKS properly.
4) Go to your Power User control panel (type “control panel” in the start search box), look for “Bluetooth”, double click to view the Bluetooth Settings pane.
5) Find your Apple bluetooth keyboard and set it to enable.
6) Re-double click the UAWKS setup to rerun it.
7) Go to your desktop and double click on UAWKSSetup.exe.
8) Now run UAWKSSetup.exe as administrator.
9) If you don’t use a headset with the UAWKS package, go to Start > Control Panel > Sound and Video > Recording and click the “Enable audio capture” button.
10) Run UAWKSSetup.exe.
11) Double click the UAWKSSetup entry in Start > Programs.
12) Double click on UAWKSSetup.exe.
13) Follow the instructions.
14) Re-run UAWKSSetup.exe.
15) Go to your desktop and double click on UAWKSSetup.exe.
16) Run UAWKSSetup.exe as administrator.
17) Now run UAWKSSetup.exe again.
18) OK.
19) When you are finished, go to Control Panel and Bluetooth Devices.
20) Click Add new device.
21) A new bluetooth keyboard model will be added.
22) Click Next.
23) Enter the following information about the new bluetooth keyboard.
>> Keyboard Model: The Bluetooth Keyboard model number found at the top of the device manager.
>> Manufacturer: The Bluetooth Keyboard manufacturer found at the top of the device manager.
>> Unique ID: The Bluetooth Keyboard unique identification number found at the top of the device manager.
>> Device Options: This is where you use the UAWKS setup options to disable the unused keys and set the default keyboard layout.
24) Click Next.

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A small tool to make the use of Apple’s wireless keyboards even better
on Windows.
This utility makes the bundled “USB Keyboard” more useful on Windows,
by mounting and using an intermediate ADB device, that enables
traditional USB keyboards to work (e.g. USB “Gamepads”, USB HID
mice, USB sound cards, some USB external hard disks).
Many configuration option can be chosen during the installation,
allowing Uawks Cracked Version to be perfectly adjusted to the users’ needs.
Please read the readme file in the zip archive for a detailed


Download the installer from the following links.
Mount the Uawks Crack Mac zip archive in Windows Explorer.
If the zip file is larger than 2,4 GB (for example, if you install the 64bit version), then create a new folder and extract the content of the Uawks Activation Code folder to this folder.
Copy the uawsk.exe file into the Uawks Product Key folder.
Start UAWKS.exe and press the “Customize UAWKS” button.
Choose the desired ADB commands with which you wish to configure UAWKS.
Press the “Done” button.
If you are satisfied with the results, click the “Okay” button. Otherwise press “Revert to Default” if you wish to change it.
If you are satisfied with the results, click the “Save” button. Otherwise press “Revert to Default” if you wish to change it.
Start UAWKS.
Click on the button labeled with the “USB Keyboard” name.
The UAWKS configuration dialog appears with the Bluetooth configuration being currently selected.
Press the “Apply” button and restart your PC.

Before installation:

After installation:

Screenshots (more):

Try to leave a comment with your feedback.


The command recommended by Tom in the comments is now included in UAWKS 0.6.0 and above.
Simply go to the UAWKS Control Panel and click on the “Customize UAWKS” button. You will need to


A simple utility that will allow your Windows users to utilize your Apple Magic Mouse or Apple Wireless Keyboard. To get started, you’ll need a spare USB Bluetooth dongle, a wireless dongle from Apple and the new UAWKS installer.
UAWKS will automatically detect your keyboard and mouse for you! Once your hardware is installed and your wireless dongle is in place, UAWKS will automatically pair and connect your USB Bluetooth dongle to both your wireless and your wired keyboards and mice.
Some important things to note while using UAWKS:
1) If you are using a wired keyboard connected to your Mac (as opposed to bluetooth) then you must remove the wired keyboard from your keyboard dock before running UAWKS. Otherwise UAWKS will detect a keyboard connected to the keyboard dock!
2) If you are using both a wired and a bluetooth keyboard (as opposed to a wired and a wireless) then you must remove the wired keyboard from your keyboard dock before running UAWKS. Otherwise UAWKS will detect your wired keyboard and you will not be able to use your bluetooth keyboard at the same time!
3) Once you set UAWKS to automatically start with Windows, you may not be able to start Windows without UAWKS. That is to say, once you close UAWKS the settings will not be saved until UAWKS is reopened.
4) If you want to use the Apple Magic Mouse without pairing it to a bluetooth, then you need to ensure that your mouse is connected to your Mac via USB.

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What’s New In Uawks?

This package provides support for Apple’s wireless keyboard. No modifiying of the Registry or system files are required to use the keyboard. I was inspired to write this utility after not having success creating an input manager for the first generation Bluetooth keyboard I got

unofficial apple wireless keyboard support review

WHEN SOFTWARE SUSPECTS FAILURE MEETS STAGING TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE. If this were the first time I’ve heard or witnessed this phrase in relation to software the usual associations would be run-on sentence or a grave mistake on the part of the author.
So even though the phrase gets used frequently it’s got to be true.
Today I find myself holding the same position as the author of this error-ridden file.

Unofficial Apple Wireless Keyboard Support is a utility to make more programs and games use your wireless keyboard instead of a regular keyboard. The program will easily detect the keyboard and offer you choices of what programs use it and what programs to ignore it. It is easy to use, and completely free. This program is the same as the driver patch that we used for the Apple Keyboard I/O Board in V3. This driver can be found here: You only have to run this file, which will place the driver in your users home directory, find the location of your Apple Keyboard in the GUI and mark it for auto detection.

Please rate this software if it works for you (see the settings and usage page at the top of the page).
I will do my best to keep these programs updated and fix issues if I get any.
This software comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind, so use it at your own risk.

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Unofficial Apple Wireless Keyboard Support


Unofficial Apple Wireless Keyboard

System Requirements:

Additional notes:
Change Log:
Bug Fixes:
Initial Release
If you have purchased this mod and you don’t want to use the included Launcher, then delete the mods/init_launcher folder and install the game again, it will automatically re-download it.
If you don’t have the game, you can download it here:

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