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A Guidebook of Babel is an interactive, collaborative storygame.
A group of friends wake up to find themselves trapped in what seems to be a perfectly normal hotel room. The only clue is a mysterious book sitting on the room’s sink. They have to work together to unravel the secret of their confinement by exploring the book, and communicating their observations to the others.
In this game, players will meet a cast of memorable characters, some from literature and some with no parallel at all, and explore the story of a group of people whose confinement seems to follow the same logic that defines a travel guidebook.
It’s a game about exploration, understanding, and working together.
Check out the description and the video to get a better idea of the game:

This video has been working as a campaign page to kickstart the sales of a game on kickstarter. We thought that if someone is interested in this game he will like it and will contact us to support our project by funding it. This video has been in Spanish but if you understand you can support our project. And if you don’t understand, you can at least enjoy it!!

Believe it or not, some movies are fun to watch just by the soundtrack and/or the story. In this episode of Film Riot, we talk about movies that just do that for us and make us forget that we’re at work.

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This video demonstrates the use of the Paint Skins feature in Babylon 5: The Game. A third-party app that helps increase immersion by offering animated previews of various painting systems and showing how to combine them with the other game features.
Download for iOS here:
Download for Android here:
You can find the basic brushes and more here:


Features Key:

  • Assists
  • Story
  • Fun gameplay!


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“Designing REZ’s universe has been a unique journey. We started by investigating various spiritual cultures, looking for the source of the core principles and symbols hidden within. We eventually discovered that the original REZ (realm of eternal zen) is a lost ninja village in Japan. Then, although incredibly different, it totally made sense. Being from Finland we love both our culture and anime, and the historical aspect was extremely appealing, as it’s so wonderfully different from the western way of doing things.” — From the game’s website.

REZPLZ is a classic game of classic games. In a world where the current life seems to no longer be relevant, a young zen monk named Rez hopes to find a meaning in life through his life and his gift. But the way he sees the world is through a strange and foggy psyche, and when you throw in his friends who will help him on his journey, you get a platformer that’s out to change the way you view the world.

Rez comes in two flavors. The first is the nomadic life of a Zen monk, who travels the world in search of new experiences and to help fellow zen monks. This is Rez’s sanity mode. He’s not invincible, but he can stop time, use telekinesis, and will use his alien powers to fight off the demons that are tearing the world apart. He can also use the powers to solve problems, and in some cases save you when you’re about to die.

The second mode is called Rezlogic. This is the “Life Mode”, which is where you play as the main character Rez. Rez has a special relic, with the power to let him transform himself into seven different aliens. And unlike the Zen monks, he can barely hold on to his sanity in this mode.

So what are we trying to do? How do we want you to play REZPLZ? Well, honestly, we want you to express yourself and your individuality. We want to create a game that’s unique to you and your friends, a game where you can look up at a puzzle board and have a great time just by choosing the colors you like to play with. We want to create something that makes you smile, something that is in tune with the way you play games.

So, in other words, we’re hoping to


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Hey there!

Welcome to the Early Access version of the game! This version is in active development, and we will be updating it frequently. If you have any suggestions or issues, please let us know.

As of now we do not plan to add any multiplayer features, but we are working on a multiplayer mode to allow you to share your creations and share your fun!

If you are familiar with the Snowman building sandbox game called Snowman VR, we are taking the same ideas and bringing them to our own little snowman VR sandbox game called Greetings From Krampus!

We’ve made a great team of awesome people who can’t wait to see what you guys will build!

As of now, we have a demo version available, please do not send us your builds or game progress unless we’ve told you that we are okay with it.

If you do send us builds or game progress, we will do our best to keep them for you.

We have two modes available to you, the first is the Snowman building mode, where you can decorate your snowman in whatever way you wish! The second mode is the Festive Mode, where you can decorate your environment. In the Festive Mode, you can also spawn a snowglobe on your shelf, which saves your decorated snowman. If you save it to your shelf, you can revisit and build on them later.

As of now, you can only create a single snowman in the snowman building mode, but more features will be added in future updates.

Please let us know any comments or feedback in the comments below!


Snowman Building Mode

You can now build multiple snowmen and save them to your shelf! If you save your snowman in a snowglobe, it is also saved to the shelf in the Krampus cabin.

Festive Mode

You can now decorate the environment by adding Christmas props to your snowman’s environment.

Unravel the Mystery!

You can now start the game, and see a little story to learn a little more about Krampus and his story!

Visiting Krampus in the Snowglobe!

You can teleport inside the snowglobe, and even spin around!


Snowman Building


What’s new:

en6E – 2018 – Transitioning to 5E

Transitioning to 5E: Help from Gnome

I was the GM of most of Gnome’s first adventures, that ran in creative modes, using the 4e world engine as well as pure stat block Eberron. I started working with Gnome on an updated adventureawards-d’antler and a few other projects, and really wanted to jump ship to 5E. As time went on, I found myself editing and flipping back and forth between the two rulesets.

Past characters

My site  Subscribe for updates!

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    Gun Jam has the intense action and mind-blowing graphics that you’ve come to expect from the genre. But that’s not all. In this exhilarating fusion of FPS and rhythm gaming, you shoot your way through hordes of enemies as you jam along to the game’s cleverly designed music.
    Can’t get enough of your new favorite genres? There’s also plenty of arcade-style shooting, including an exciting multi-player mode. You can even transform a single player level into a “Wave Survival” mode where you must not only keep your awesome combos going, but you also have to avoid the numerous game-ending obstacles.
    Key Features:
    New music-driven action genres, inspired by classic FPS games
    Exhilarating action, great graphics and more than 50 hours of gameplay
    Drop-in/Drop-out multiplayer mode
    Awesome campaign and three class-based multiplayer modes
    3 exclusive game modes (Remote Shooter, Gunjam, Master of Guns)
    Challenge progression, ton of unlockables, achievements and cool collectibles
    Five game modes and a two player head-to-head mode (Link Attack and Team Deathmatch)
    Detailed character creation in single playerHow To Draw Children

    How To Draw Children (1992)

    Drawing cartoons is a hobby amongst children. Parents and friends often commission drawings of their little ones from cartoonists and illustrators. Some people find an outlet for their creativity by drawing pictures of their kids.

    To draw a picture of a child is to portray the way they really are not the way we remember them. Parents naturally feel this as they look at the way their kids look in pictures. However, unless your kids draw in crayon, your child might not have the same vision of himself as you. Your child might want to look great in his drawings. This is why some children want to have their pictures drawn by a professional artist so as to look their absolute best.

    How To Draw Children

    There are various factors that may cause the way children look when they draw to be different than how people see them. For children who are photographed from a distance children sometimes look older because the background they are standing in looks old and bleached. Children in photographs look bigger than the real person because of the distance they are photographed from. Children get dressed in clothes while others do not. And lastly, children look thinner because in cartoons they are usually drawn with round heads that are thinner than the real heads.

    The best way for parents


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World of Virtual Reality

World of Virtual Reality is an amazing game for sure. It is a free VR game. You can play this game only on a mobile device. This game is made by Action Mobile Games in association with NVIDIA Corporation. It is kind of an interesting game that you can enjoy watching while you are alone or with your friends for some time. Like us on Facebook to keep up with all our latest news, videos and downloads.

World of Virtual Reality is an amazing game. These types of games are best enjoyed with headsets. It is true, you can watch this games on your computer. That is what my review is going to help you out, if you are going to buy a game. I am going to write a review for this games, so, you can know what the game is all about. Its review contains every thing you want to know about this game.




System Requirements:

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and CPU:
– NVIDIA GTX760 / AMD HD7970 or better (GPU)
– Intel i5-4590 or better (CPU)
– 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
– Windows 10 64-bit
– AMD Crimson 16.5.1 or better (on Windows 10 and above)
– Windows 10: Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or Video Memory of minimum 8 GB
– Windows 7: DirectX9-compatible video card and 4GB RAM




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