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You have been summoned to the Lands Between, the land of legends and dreams. The strange, uncharted, and mysterious Lands Between has been chosen as the place where the Elden Ring will make its home. You are to lead the people to peace and prosperity and transform this world to a place full of light. Can you save this world from the darkness and achieve your goals of becoming an Elden Lord?

We are very excited to announce a new release for our game, Tarnished.
Tarnished is an action RPG fantasy game developed by Wing Software and is made for PC and Linux.
We hope you will enjoy the game.
New Features of Tarnished:
1. MapleStory Character Sheet
2. Unique Mini-map
3. Various Navigation Items
4. Quick Increase of stats
5. Equipment Management
6. Ice Level
7. Onion Skin Technology
8. Lock Pick System
9. DLS (Deed Library System)

For the complete Tarnished release notes, please visit:

* MapleStory Character Sheet
Implement the MapleStory Character Sheet.
– When accessing the MapleStory Character Sheet, you will be able to easily edit and change any of your character’s information.
– You can toggle between the Character Sheet and the Character Creation Sheet.
– Only the character data for MapleStory is supported.
– You can edit the data for your other characters.
– The MapleStory Character Sheet can be used to control your character’s data.
* Unique Mini-map
– You can enjoy the vast world in a mini-map.
– Information such as the current location and your inventory are displayed.
– A full-screen view can be viewed by right-clicking the mini-map.
* Various Navigation Items
– Be able to access various points easily with the navigation items.
– As you progress through the game, you can freely move to new locations.
– You can also search for dungeons that you can’t normally enter.
– You can freely skip any section.
* Equipment Management
– When you equip an equipment or an accessory item, you can easily check the information.
– You can freely assign a key for easy access.
– You can assign a key on left-clicking the item.


Features Key:

  • “Rising, Tarnishing, and Being Empowered”. Acquire a Power Over The World Elicit the Power for the Elden Ring, Empower your Side do you even read the lines you criticize? the shit is already written. Yeah, JKR did a shitty job with fanfiction, but C2 is better than those *cough*’Autoren’ (fanbiographs).

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    P.S. I drew :3 and you can feel free to use it as wallpaper in an AMV.Don’t be mistaken, it’s more than a fanart, it’s a full production out of this so I would really like to receive critique on this and I am hoping that some of your audience, being a Vytalab fan, will pass their critique as well.

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    Elden Ring Crack + Download For PC

    “Love it the world and its a damn good game of cyberpunk on consoles” – Merv & Hal (GameCritics.com)

    “The Elden Ring is a fine RPG with a superb light story, and well-paced action. It is a great mix of exciting gameplay, an interesting science fiction setting and a finely crafted story that is fun and compelling to play.” – Calum & Joe (IGN)

    “We also enjoyed the in-depth character development system, especially when you have to choose between questing, fighting and crafting. The player can really enjoy themselves here, whether they’re in the mood for PVP or PVE, it all just feels right.” – G-Minus 7 (GameSpot)

    “Elden Ring is definitely shaping up to be a memorable RPG experience in both the third and fourth dimensions.” – James Cullen (Polygon)

    “Fantasy action RPGs are in an interesting state right now – games that are ‘JRPGs’ have become much more streamlined and ‘pure’ in recent years, in a way that’s kind of a turn-off to fans of the genre, but at the same time they’re no longer as cookie-cutter and formulaic as they used to be. So instead, we have games like this that subvert the genre’s clichés while introducing interesting new gameplay mechanics that players have only seen on the PC.” – Ben Reeves (PSLSchool of Thought)

    “Do not forget to watch the occasional cutscenes on the way through the journey. They are really good and contain tons of information and best of all, their style and position change depending on the situation, giving you the feeling of being immersed more than you are in some of the other games in the genre.” – Christian Rodriguez (Macworld)

    – Classic Fantasy Action gameplay
    – A beautiful dark fantasy world with tons of monsters to fight.
    – An interesting and exciting story that will teach you how to use your abilities in ways you have never imagined.

    – The Xbox 360 system, Internet connection, and an Xbox Live Gold Membership (Online Multiplayer)

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    The nature of the Elder Land is one of ancient culture, a nature that has been passed down over the centuries. In addition to these valuable features, the world of MMO Tarnished Heroes is full of various other features that all living creatures are eager to enjoy, including the familiar town, spectacular events, and frequent battles. Although the world is in a state of an eternal cycle, players are still filled with the joy of creating their own characters, and rushing to battle against an enemy in intense combat with a variety of weapons and magic.

    Tarnished Heroes is a fantasy action RPG where you, the protagonist, can interact with the Elden Ring and the various civilizations that inhabit the Lands Between. During this journey, you will explore the world and confront powerful monsters in order to discover the mystery of the Elder Land.

    Playable Characters

    You play as a character who receives special perks for entering the Elden Ring and becoming an Elden Lord. If you put a lot of effort into becoming an Elden Lord and placing yourself in front of the Elden Ring, you will be able to get the rewards that the game has to offer.

    There are three main traits that determine the playable characters, and these are:
    1. Attributes

    2. Skills

    3. Weapon, Armor and Magic

    Attributes are a general term that refers to your physical and mental strengths. They determine what will happen when you touch objects, and they have various effects on various things that you can play around with. For example, if you have a high Intelligence attribute, you can obtain lots of different items when you use the Exchange of Goods item.

    Skills are characteristic abilities that have different effects depending on the abilities used. For example, when you use the swing skill, you can swing your sword back and forth, and it will deal damage to your opponent.

    With weapon, armor and magic, it is possible to summon and damage enemies and defend yourself from attacks, as well as use items and equipment.


    Perks are general passive effects that you can equip in order to improve your attributes and skill ratings.

    These are points which you need to spend on various items and equipment in order to obtain beneficial effects. You can obtain them through various activities, including quests, battles, and special events.

    You can also use items and equipment that you have equipped, through a function called the Exchange of Goods. You can exchange items you have


    What’s new:

    30 Days Campaign Play Campaign Play Glorious Time I – XIX
    Advanced Campaign Play
    CMO Campaign Play!
    Endless Campaign Play
    Fire Your Desire!

    The game can be downloaded from the FAR website (
    Downloadable content services will be provided. Source:


      Free Download Elden Ring [Updated] 2022

      Big thanks to HackNPlay and the hard working staff behind the development of this release.


      How To Crack:

    • First of all, we need to load.sh and.exe as well as WinRAR file from links below.
    • Open the folder where you installed and double click on.sh file to install the game and activate
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    PC Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (Multi-Languages):

    Game Only:

    1. Go to “Game” Library and open Rar file

    2. Right click on the game and Copy.exe file to your desired place

    3. Open the.exe and click the “I Agree” button (New install)

    Both, Loader and Game:

    1. Go to “Game” Library and open Rar file

    2. Unrar it and Install loader

    3. Go to “Game” Library and open Rar file

    4. Open the.exe and click the “I Agree” button (New install)

    Need Help? Well, don’t worry, we will include two important links that will help you in your game quest. Problematic sites must be avoided!




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 8 64-bit OS. Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit OS is also supported.
    Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 CPU.
    1 GHz or higher. 2 GHz or higher for HD Graphics.
    1 GB of RAM (2 GB of RAM recommended)
    500 MB of free disk space
    Must be able to play DVD and Blu-ray discs.
    1280 x 720 screen resolution (screen resolution may differ depending on model).




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