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Razor1911 Crack Gta Eflc Download ~REPACK~ 💪


Razor1911 Crack Gta Eflc Download

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How to remove two dates from a column based on another column?

I have a table that has a column date_of_creation. This is a varchar type. It contains the date that the image was created in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd. So, the image was created on, for example, 2016-05-09.
How to remove two dates from the date_of_creation column using php?


The following should work. The catch is, I don’t know where the db server is getting its dates from so they may be in a different order or have a different format.
$start = ‘2015-05-20’;
$end = ‘2015-05-26’;

$fetch = DB::getInstance()->select(‘mytable’, ‘*’);
$fetch = $fetch->where(‘date_of_creation’, ‘>’, $start);
$fetch = $fetch->where(‘date_of_creation’, ‘update(‘mytable’, [‘date_of_creation’ => ”]);

Another solution is to split the date into parts. Then, you can remove the parts you don’t want. Here is an example:
$start = ‘2015-05-20’;
$end = ‘2015-05-26’;

$start_offset = 1;
$end_offset = 2;
$data = explode(‘-‘, ‘2015-05-10’);
$data = array_filter($data, function($el) use ($start, $start_offset, $end_offset) {
return $el >= $start && $el

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