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Photoshop Lightroom 5.0 How To







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Using Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is less expensive than the full-featured Photoshop, but it doesn’t have all the tools that the full version has. It focuses instead on helping you create print-ready images. It supports Windows and Macintosh computers and offers a web version as well.

To create a great portrait on a budget, you may not need all the features that are found in the full version of Photoshop. The Element version of the program offers all the key tools that you need to create an average-quality portrait on a tight budget.

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Learn Photoshop (for all Photoshop versions) from Scratch & For Free


Zygote is an open source (CC0) stylized on how a person gains knowledge. It comes with a built-in timeline which enables the user to edit footage in real time without leaving the image editor. It also has a full screen timeline view so that you can edit faster. In addition, it has an animated pencil tool that helps user edit quickly. This software has many more features that you can use to customize your experience.


4. Notable Photoshop Alternatives

This is an incredible alternative to Photoshop CC and Lightroom Classic CC. It is an all-in-one software for photographers, designers, graphic artists, video editors, and other users. It is easy to use and also has many cool features such as easy images retouching, animation and more.


Pixlr is the most popular online photo editor that allows you to remove red-eye, straighten images, crop pictures, and do other simple editing tasks. It is famous among users as it is simple to use, so it has become very popular since it was launched a few years ago. It has many features, such as text, frames, filters, and more. Its interface is super simple as well. All editing tasks and features are easily accessible.


5. Note: The apps listed here are the best Photoshop alternative among the other Photoshop alternatives and they may not be the best apps you will find. It is up to you to find the best image editor for you.


The best Photoshop alternatives are available for all photo editing, graphic designing and web design formats. They all have their own features and benefits. It is important to know which one is best suited for you.

I hope this list helps you in choosing which is the best Photoshop alternative. Have fun!

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What is the best way to explain division to the average public?

I have to write a report explaining certain processes in software development to the average non-technical public.
I would like to explain the process of factoring out a part from the remainder, because this step is very important in cryptography and many other fields.
But how can I explain to the average public that the remainder is the part of the whole that cannot be divided by the whole?


The mathematical way of saying it is “the remainder is the part of the whole that cannot be divided by the whole”.
To the average person that is “the remainder is what is left over after the whole is divided by the whole”.

We have a program (the whole)
We know the program well (the whole)
We want to divide the program to get the part (the whole)
We know the part (the remainder)
… (or if not…)

The important concept is “the whole”. There is no such thing as “a process” in mathematics – everything is a collection of entities, all of which have a set of rules (e.g. how to add, multiply, divide, and so on). There are no parts. An entity is just that: an entity.
More specifically, “the program” is just that: the instructions that are given to the computer by a person, a group of people, or whatever machine you are using.
So, the solution here is to help the non-technical person understand that the whole is the process being explained. You give them the relevant parts: a rule that is being followed.

So, basically, just answer the question “What is the part?” and avoid the words “remainder” or “the remainder”.


I think a more direct way to describe division is to start by defining multiplication: $a \cdot b = a * b = ab$ and $a/b = \frac{a}{b} = \frac ab$.
So, let’s take the $12$ as an example.

As I write this answer, I recall my own confusion in learning division in school. The usual method given to us was as follows:
Multiply each digit of the dividend by each digit of the divisor, until the whole number is equal. Add the product of the digits together

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Styling Ionic images in CSS

I’m using the following code in my Ionic app to reference an image as background on a component.
background-image: url(../../img/logo.png)
I would like to stylise this image so that it has a hover effect – and I’ve been able to do this by referencing it in the main.css:
.navbar-brand-img:hover {

background: transparent url(“../../img/logo_bkg.png”) no-repeat center center scroll;


But the question is how can I style the source image? The image itself can be found inside the src folder of my ionic app. The image is 100% the same, but how do I get a reference to it in the main.css?


It should be possible to get to the source image with relative paths in CSS like the rest of your styling, although I haven’t tried it.
If you’re using SCSS, you can access the image using the url function to access the first argument:
background: url(“../../img/logo.png”);
background: url(“../../img/logo_bkg.png”);

If you’re using LESS, you can use the first function within that syntax as well.
background: url(“../../img/logo_bkg.png”);

As well as the above, you should be able to get the path to the source image (either in the same folder that the css file is in or the Ionic source folder) using relative paths:


What reason is there for not dumping money?

TL;DR: What is the general reasoning for not dumping money if my in-game economy is in a state of chaos?
As someone who simply manages characters in a PvP-heavy game, I find myself occasionally dumping money. However, I find it difficult to understand why this would have an effect on the economy.
I understand that dumping money is bad form: it hurts your profit, and may affect your character’s behavior. But in a game like Wildstar, when the world is basically empty (as far as I can tell) and there are no

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Game Version:
Hotfix Notes:
– Fixed issue where a Z-Point skill that would allow the user to teleport to any point on the map would remain invisible and not function after becoming invisible.
– Fixed issue where the user could not immediately use the Z-Point skill after activating the skill





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