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PaulSimonGraceland!!BETTER!! Fullalbumzip 💽

PaulSimonGraceland!!BETTER!! Fullalbumzip 💽



DVD/CD title: Fugazi -Live In Chicago”
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Patrick will start 32nd on the starting grid for the Chip Ganassi Racing No. 10 Chevrolet, down from ninth place.

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What are the days of the week in French when someone gives an exam to me?

In English, we have Monday to Friday, and we also have weekends. Is there a set number of days in which one can give an exam? I have been told that in French, it’s Sunday to Wednesday.


The days of the week are normally named le, la, les, leur, etc. You can easily remember the order of the days by saying “le Dimanche, le lundi, le mardi…” and so on.
Some people also say “le dimanche (la/les/leur…)” to refer to Sunday. Another good trick is to say “merci pour…” to refer to Tuesday or Wednesday.
Le vendredi, le jeudi, le mercredi, le mardi…


The days of the week are named after people who were condemned in the past to die on a particular day, the day of the week. To find out more details, you may want to read an article on Wikipedia.
There is no specific order. Instead, you are supposed to learn the day names by heart and remember them as they are written.


Put string of comma-separated values into one row in Python

I have a dataset like
A1 A2 A3
4.1,5.4,1.4 3.3,1.2,3.1 5.4,2.4
2.5,2.5,0.5,0.2,0.4,0.2 2.3,2.8,0.5,1

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