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LOOKUPIP is a small tool for Windows which helps to resolve IP addresses by host name.
The tool connects to the Internet and looks up the host name on the
Continent, ISP and Top Level Domain name servers.
Checking for IP addresses takes only a short time, but this is not the major purpose of the program, It is mainly
intended to help Webmasters process their Apache access log files.
This may be useful if the Webmaster has fixed a typo or misspelled a host name in
the log file. Instead of using the search tool on the Web, he can process the logfile locally.
The program handles multiple lookups in one process, so it is the ideal tool if you have a
serious webserver.
Using LookupIP is as simple as it gets, just specify the input file, the input source (first parameter),
and the output file (second parameter), and run. LookupIP exits as soon as the result is ready.
Version 1.0.4 (Mar 18, 2003)
Fixed a bug in the IPv4 look up mode. Now it also works for IPv6. Thanks to Tony Sannes
Version 1.0.3 (Feb 27, 2002)
Fixed a bug in the IPv4 look up mode. I didn’t specify the subnet mask. Now it also works for IPv6. Thanks to Tony Sannes
Version 1.0.2 (Feb 27, 2002)
DNS caching is now enabled by default for both IPv4 and IPv6. If no filename is specified, input is read from the console.
Version 1.0.1 (Feb 20, 2002)
Changed the output format to be more flexible. LookupIP now outputs the IP address, AS-number,
and the ISP name (if any) in one line. The format can now be changed by specifying the new format file. You can use , >, or?” to change the formatting.
LookupIP is an extremely fast and small C/C++ application, with a simple enough interface to be good for learning C/C++.
In case of network errors, an error message is printed to the console. LookupIP is therefore very stable.
Version 1.0.0 (Feb 05, 2002)
LookupIP is a lightweight tool for resolving

LookUpIP Crack

LookupIP was designed to replace the need of Windows command shell for the input of IP addresses.
The program works from the Windows command prompt. It does not require a graphical user interface.
It does not work from DOS, Linux or Mac OS X.
All the converted addresses are written to a text file.
It works as intended only if you own the address or can use a reverse lookup service.
Input should be a list of IP addresses, separated by commas. Output is the same list of converted addresses. It is written to a text file.
The program is designed for and tested on Windows systems.
The file dns.txt with all host names must exist.
The target file “converted.txt” must be writable.
Both the original name in dns.txt and the new name in converted.txt must match
the target name exactly. If any other character is present in one or both
of these files, the program will not work as expected.
Output files are deleted after a fixed time. The time can be controlled
in the file config.ini. An alternative is to manually delete the file
after each lookup. To avoid repeated lookups, you can use the config.ini
setting “lookupips=1000” which means 1000 consecutive lookups before a new one is started.
The setting “cache=1000” controls the amount of cached names in dns.txt.
The change of the setting “cache=1000” can be performed by external means.
If the file dns.txt is moved or renamed, LookupIP uses a new one.
The program takes command line arguments.
See the help-command and the option descriptions below for details.
Configure LookupIP:
LookupIP requires the file dns.txt which should contain all host names which you wish to reverse look up.
The target file “converted.txt” contains all converted IP addresses.
The file “config.ini” contains parameters which influence the behavior of LookupIP:
-dns_file = –
The name of the dns.txt file. If it is omitted,
LookupIP reads the names of all hosts from its location.
-target_file = –
The file where converted addresses should be written.
If no target_file is given, converted addresses are written to the console.
Note that LookupIP does NOT look

LookUpIP Crack Serial Key

LookupIP is a small and easy-to-use Windows utility for replacing numerical IP addresses by the
host’s domain name.
It is mainly intended for webmasters who are looking for a fast and
convenient way to process the logfiles of their Web servers.
LookupIP is small, as fast as your network connection allows, it is free, and the source code is included!
LookupIP has no graphical UI. Though it is invoked from Windows’ command prompt, it is a real 32-bit application, not a DOS program.
The program uses threads to concurrently look up multiple IP addresses. The faster your network connection, the more threads you can use. (But don’t overdo it – most name servers are quite busy.)
The next two parameters control LookupIP’s DNS cache. All host names
are stored in the file dns.txt in the same directory where LookupIP.exe resides. By default, a cache entry is deleted 90 days after the lookup. If the lookup failed, it is deleted after 14 days. (Failed lookups can be caused by a temporary or permanent DNS configuration error, or because the address owner does not allow reverse lookups.)
Both filename parameters are optional. If both are present, input is read from the first and the converted output written to the second file. If only one is supplied, it is used as the input source, while the output is sent to the console. If no filename is given, input is read from the console, and output written to it. This is intended for input/output redirection using “” and “”.

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What’s New in the LookUpIP?

LookUpIP.exe is part of the Windows Administrative Tools project, and can be downloaded from
LookupIP.exe is free software.
LookupIP Features:
– Lookup IP addresses.
– Lots of name server lookups.
– Faster than ping.
– The conversion of IP address to host name is case-insensitive.
– Very small, less than 400 KB.
– No GUI.
– Don’t ask for IP addresses for hosts that don’t exist.
– Automatic connection to any name server, using the most appropriate one.
– Automatic updates of the name server list.
– Precise parsing of name server reply codes.
– Support for IPv4 and IPv6.
– Specify a directory where to store the cached name server replies.
– Specify the amount of time to cache a DNS name server reply (in seconds).
– Specify the name of the DNS text file (defaults to dns.txt).
– Specify whether (and which) IP address to convert (defaults to
– Specify whether to send the result to the console.
– You can choose to save the conversion result in a file, instead of displaying it to the screen.
If lookup succeeds, LookupIP returns 1. Otherwise, LookupIP returns 0.
How to use LookupIP:
To use LookupIP, invoke it from the Windows’ command line. Or download the installation program, and run it.
LookupIP.exe -i -o
Find on your local computer.
If it exists in the dns.txt file, look up the corresponding hostname.
If it doesn’t, it is either a network address, or a nonexistent hostname.
LookupIP can be used as a simple reverse lookup program.
Examples of Usage:
returns the name of the host, and the name of the IP address.
2. hostname.com
returns the name of the host, and the domain name.

System Requirements For LookUpIP:

Mac or PC operating system
Mac or PC compatible sound card
Minimum 2 GB RAM
Minimum 16 GB of available hard-drive space
Internet connection
MIDI Controller Software Version 1.0
The requirements of the “MIDI Controller” Software are listed below:
Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger)
or later
Windows v7 or later
Internet Explorer 7.0
Adobe Flash Player 10.2
MIDI Controller Software Version 2.0

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