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Lipstikka2011~UPD~ Downloadmovie

Lipstikka2011~UPD~ Downloadmovie

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I think it’s a good one. Anyway, the best one I have found so far is the one I posted recently, it also has all the subtitles:

This is the french version of this video, I didn’t have time to update the tags. The original can be found here. And here is the english translation:

I recommend it for the beauty of the scene, the naturalness of the actors and the overall quality of the production. If only because I was too lazy to try to translate it myself 😉
This is a 17 minute French/English movie.

English Subtitles:

Released in 1990. It’s taken us over 20 years since the events described in this film took place in 1936-1937, to tell you the truth. And then we were very confident that it would take 40 years for us to complete the editing, the dubbing and all the rest. And it took more than another 20 years to complete all the necessary tests, to prove that there was no technical problem that would prevent us from being able to show the whole story of our hero, Achilles, which seems to have taken its course.
But, wait, I assure you that, at the end of this story, nothing has been left to chance, everything has been planned!
So you’ll have to feel the emotion of an old man, because you are looking at events that are from a memory, a memory that, if it’s not complete, it is at least including all the most significant moments.
The story is told in a few episodes for which we chose the time of day, to tell the story as it’s best seen, really, in the beauty of the mornings or afternoons, and to whom we are very grateful to all those who were helping us to ensure this representation.
For all the games of which it was the subject, we know all the characters, all the places, all the routes, and we have the greatest confidence that we have done justice to the characters and that the moment of the step is really the moment it happened.
The moment of this screening is, therefore, both a technical or technical and artistic challenge, but also an emotion, because we want to bring you the story of Achilles, the first memory of someone who has already been mythological.


We have tried to ensure that the quality of the image is as high as possible, without the use of any “






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. I am not sure if it is due to some limitation of the download manager I am using, but it seems very slow to download the file.

BUT a few minutes later it gets free from going fast and starts downloading again.

Huey: So far so good.
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Huey (DMOS): (winking) Yeah?
Huey: Is that your opinion or a fact?

But when you go to the screenshot list you can only view one screenshot per page.


I’m not sure if this is

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