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Why would a literary scholar spend the past eight years or so compiling a book about prison history?

“I believe that there are significant flaws in our government’s approach to crime,” Walther said. “Yet the one basic tool of incarceration that has withstood the test of time is the notion that criminal behavior is a sign of a diseased nature. Those states that have rejected this notion are able to simultaneously spend far less and provide more effective public services.”

Walther, who left Colorado College last year, is still researching and writing the book. It is funded by the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University, which receives a portion of its funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The book has chapters on Colorado’s founding, wars, the Gold Rush, the Eads Bridge, railroads, automobiles, prison design and the “war on drugs.”

Walther’s goal in writing the book is to give the reader a taste of Colorado’s past, so that “people will be more comfortable with the idea of a prison system at a crossroads of culture and politics,” she said.

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How do I animate a UITableViewCell highlighted?

I’m trying to accomplish something like the Twitter app on iPhone 4 using a UITableViewController. I would like to animate a UIImageView within the UIImageView that is within my UITableViewCell (I think), but I can’t figure out how to do this in a way that animates appropriately.
In the app I’m building, my UITableView is a table view that contains a list of up to 10 people that the user can follow. For each person in the list, I have a UIImageView that is a follows button. When the user taps a button, I get a view containing more information about the person. When the user taps the screen again, the button will be highlighted, and so it is, when the user interacts with the screen.
The user is then notified that he/she has received new updates from the person and then dismissed from the app (if the user is not a “follower” of the person). I would like to animate this so that it appears as if the user has opened the profile for the person and just walked away.
How would I accomplish this?


From the sounds of it you want to animate the cell.
1) Set the animated property to YES on your cell
2) Run an action on your cell to fetch the data from the server and build the view
3) Make sure you set the animated property back to NO so it animates away
4) Return the table view to the default state, i.e. you may want to use dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:cellClass:

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