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Farm Frenzy 4 Trainer [Updated-2022] ⚫

Additional Information

Name Farm Frenzy 4
Publisher aldykaro
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 6288 votes )
Update (12 days ago)







In the game, the number of ship models for maximum in quantity is 1000 for ships, and there are 5 types of ship:
1. Merchant (ship with cargo and cannot fight)
2. War (ship with gun and can fight)
3. Fighter (ship with gun only)
4. Transport (ship with cargo, cannot fight)
5. Pirate (ship without cargo, cannot fight)
Note that the pirate ship takes the bonus ship rank of 70%
*How to Use (for SRPG Studio users)*
It takes time to build a ship or port from scratch with a map chip, right?
This DLC includes a map of the ship and harbor completed from the beginning!
This DLC comes with a png file that models the map and a jpg file of the battle background.
[smap & png]
1. Harbor Map
2. Ship Map
[battle background]
1. at_sea.jpg
2. harbor_town.jpg
3. on_deck.jpg
[smap & png]
1. Harbor Map
2. Ship Map
[battle background]
1. at_sea.jpg
2. harbor_town.jpg
3. on_deck.jpg
[smap & png]
1. Harbor Map
2. Ship Map
[battle background]
1. at_sea.jpg
2. harbor_town.jpg
3. on_deck.jpg
[smap & png]
1. Harbor Map
2. Ship Map
[battle background]
1. at_sea.jpg
2. harbor_town.jpg
3. on_deck.jpg
[smap & png]
1. Harbor Map
2. Ship Map
[battle background]
1. at_sea.jpg
2. harbor_town.jpg
3. on_deck.jpg
There’s a day when the ship owners are all out of money,
and you are left with a ship without even enough paper to pay the rent.
You just resigned yourself to a life of mooring in this port town
and selling cargo while waiting for your fortunes to change.
But you still have one golden card that can change everything for you,
It’s the ship.
It’s hard to say whether you will survive or not,
but it’s best to


Features Key:


  • Easy gameplay

  • Fun world

  • Can’t stop and play gameplay

  • Choose and Fight you enemies, your game will trigger everything at the same time

  • Command your own cursor in the game world
  • Fancy and cool goods:

  • Power Up

  • Weapon

  • Magic

  • Powerups

  • Deadly Cauldron

  • Canvas World

  • Art Maker

  • And more


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HTML5 video resumes after exiting the page

I have a video which is created using VideoJS. When I exit the page, the video continues playing.
How can I stop it from continuing to play after the page has been closed?
I am using Ionic 2 and Cordova 4
I am using the below code:


Thank you for the help! You were almost right, but Ionic’s Video Ionic2/Video.
You have to use the ion-video tag.

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What’s new in Farm Frenzy 4:

    Rabble Rouser (and everyone else) this is a debate system for The Rant that wasn’t intended to be and probably won’t ever be applicable to pretty much anyone else. The debate system was designed to best represent The Rant and the last thing I want is for this blog to take a turn that isn’t representative of my point of view so here it is closed until I think of something that everyone agrees with.

    Pretentious three-worded title without any question marks? MAN. What the freck?

    The daring gamer epithet has been used by anti-gamers for years. I even remember a pretty decent series on X-Play covering the same. Instead of this pointless fluff, maybe do something like this?

    “I think in some cases they’re the same, but I’m just an authority on surface level media.”

    I’ve always disliked this idiotic term when used by the general public. I’d rather hear “gaming expert” or “game enthusiast,” or something along those lines.

    The terminology comes from the early 90’s with a group called HG’s, graphic designers who know a lot about computers and the latest games. “Gamers” were a group composed mostly of video game enthusiasts which included coders, enthusiasts, and people with a variety of skills and interests from various other media. It was normal for these people to call themselves “gamers,” but in the early 90’s, “gaming” was the term for a specific type of game (i.e. the first Mario Bros was a “gaming,” a Frogger Bros was “video gaming,” and so on.) I only heard of the “gamer” term coined in the earlier part of this decade.

    “Video gaming” and “computer gaming” are more and more gaining in popularity in many circles as the gaming world grows. The Video Game Championships are proof enough that some people are using these terms in a broader sense. The problem with that is that just because a group of people are using the term “videogame” in the wider sense, it doesn’t make them expert on the technical aspects of that particular field. They may know what a cathode ray tube is and may know what a monitor is, but that doesn’t make them experts in visual arts.

    As a games journalist, I see members of the gaming community using the term as if they’re experts in the field every day, because I know how to use a game console and many


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    In the summer of 2006, Team Dignitas’ League of Legends division was looking to expand to pro play. With Riot’s new Design Director, Lindsay Godfrey, these underdogs with no name, long beards, and/or Korean accents were the first team to apply to the pro league in League of Legends’ history. What followed was a frantic 2-month period of long nights, and unending support provided by a few dedicated fans. In the end, 4 year old, mid-tier gaming company Team Dignitas became the first pro team in League of Legends history. Their name, however, didn’t change. Yet.

    In the spring of 2007, with pro-level experience under our belt, League of Legends received a major overhaul in graphics and gameplay. But it was still a little rough around the edges compared to your more typical first person shooter. In August 2007, after the revision of the season one champion pool (what we would call today’s’meta’), we entered an almost entirely new competitive environment. With countless professional players able to bring their own skill, Team Dignitas was now expected to put up the most competitive team possible. In the fall, we achieved that goal, and the fact that we did it at all, was pretty much unheard of.

    As a result of all this, the Season Two team was built around older players who had been around since the original Team Dignitas. Yet the game was still not as balanced as League has become today. Some of these players are still with us today, and would be considered for tournaments like the LCS, IEM, MSI, and many others.

    Now, the fun begins.

    This Year’s League of Legends.

    Season Two is coming to a close, and we are now expanding into the competitive scene. This is your chance to be a part of a professional league alongside some of the best players in the world.

    Team Dignitas will be entering the League of Legends scene with an underclassmen roster, fully formed on the fundamentals of League of Legends rather than the typical League of Legends world. We would like to point out that our team focuses largely on working out, rather than solely on playing games.

    In regards to the past season, we will be removing many of the highly ranked members. We also plan to be taking a more active role in scouting for both of our rookie teams. Your decision in supporting us by signing up for the season is your way of guaranteeing that you will be seeing these


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    The Year of the Rabbit is the upcoming adventure title from No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games. It is to be released sometime next year.







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