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In 2017, new research that popped up in a British medical journal claimed that casual sex may very well be good for your health in the long run — if you’re a man. What’s more, the report concluded that women who have casual sex are less likely to contract HIV or HIV-related cancers. But is it worth it? To explore this argument, we’ve broken down the science of why and how casual sex — and the people who partake in it — are in fact, a hot couple.
According to conventional thinking, women who have casual sex are more promiscuous, and therefore more likely to get something they do not want. But that’s just not true. So long as a woman is not pressured into having sex just because of other people’s expectations, then by all means go have a little romp on your own terms. “It’s a bit of a myth that women, because they are more socialized to be not promiscuous, are less likely to have casual sex,” says Wendy Blair, professor of population health at the University of Toronto. A woman’s social circumstances are no barrier to casual sex, she adds. “Women from all social circumstances are at a similar risk,” she says.
Although casual sex has been around longer than our traditional definition of love, the reality is that casual sex in modern culture is very common, very often kept out of the spotlight, and often feels like it’s not “allowed” for women. But the reasons women choose to have casual sex are surprisingly varied, and often very normal.
Sometimes women just like feeling sexually desired, even if it’s just for an hour or a week.
Like the dating app Tinder, hookup apps are made for meeting people. That’s why they’re great at sparking flings with strangers. These apps are also often more private than apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, making them ideal for adults to meet people for casual sex. But if you’re interested in casual sex, rather than in a relationship, it might be best to go meet people in person first. That way, you can actually check each other out, and see who you truly connect with.
But there are also times when hookups are incredibly convenient. Maybe you’re on an adventure with friends, or you just want to get fucked up and get some booze in you before bed. The possibilities are nearly endless, as are the decisions you must make as an adult.
Since the apps are for instant gratification, there are no second thoughts or conversations to dread

I’d like to think that the increased familiarity between heterosexual couples means that more people are okay with the idea of the dude playing with his porn and the dame watching. But the anonymity of hookup culture is pretty alarming. So, if you’re ready for some good, safe, consensual fun that won’t derail your relationship, then read on!
2 Signs You’re Overthinking Sexual Hookups. Because this is part of sex-having which is considered as a much revered mode of interpersonal bonding. But doesn’t it take tremendous skills to overcome the odds? It’s not easy task that anyone can easily do. And you’ll be glad to know that the partners are so smart and fearless because they have carved out some tremendous tools to help you get it done.
Casual sex tends to be most common in the early phase of a relationship. The ad hoc dates and the extra-curricular sexual activity may also provide a mutually rewarding experience for people. Couples often find that they begin to care about the other person even more during their first date than they have with any other partner.
– What’s the difference between hookup, casual sex and one night stand? | SeekingArrangement.com

10 tips for sexting which you may not know are pretty big. We guarantee that sexting is a lot more fun with these 10 tips to spice up your sexting. You see, we all have that friend who is not only a bit of a perv on their phone but they accidentally send their nudes out by accident. Let’s face it, you’re like a bright light, you don’t even know it but you are lighting up a little tiny world of mystery and lust.

We understand the hesitation to have sex, even on the first date. Sex is serious stuff, and can be really confusing and very hard to discuss with someone. It is very important to know that to have good sex in a relationship, it is important that you both know what you are doing during sex so that you have a good time, and also so that you won’t get too confused or worry about something.

How to bring your partners on a roleplay! A real-life roleplay is one of the most rewarding ways to get in the mood for sex, so you’re probably wondering how to make one work for you. But don’t worry, this guide will walk you through the steps,

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