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Name Change
Publisher delana
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Just after finishing college, a young man named Yoo Wook, formed by the cold and ruthless terrorist organization RIM (Revolutionist International Movement). But recently, there has been a dramatic shift in the group’s purpose. RIM is now more interested in global peace than pushing the violent agenda.

Yoo Wook left the group with plans to expose the group’s real aim to the general public. He approached a young student named Choi Eun Jin to work on this mission. With Yoo Wook’s help, Choi Eun Jin will somehow make contact with her best friend and then go on a journey to the Middle East to confirm that RIM is truly working for peace!




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How To Install Mod:

Download the Apk and Install the Mod

Download the InApp-Mod Tool which can be found inside of the Mod Apk

Use the InApp-Mod Tool to extract the mod and reboot

Enjoy The Game!

If any issue with the Mod, pls share with us our Email id: [email protected]

Updated To Version: 1.7.1 (1000)Search for natural radioactivity: Chernobyl accident and beyond.
Different types of natural radiation have been used for human diagnostics, treatment and healing purposes during the last centuries. Presently, natural radionuclides are being extensively used in medical and allied fields. A lot of attention has been given for natural radionuclides as they usually occur in small amount as compared to other radionuclides with much higher doses. However, recent accidents revealed some potential hazards associated with the natural radionuclides. In this paper, we highlighted the importance of natural radionuclides in various branches of human life. This knowledge will certainly help in developing efficient remedial methods for cleaning the environment polluted by radiation.Q:

Running nunit integration tests from mstest fails to find assemblies

I have built an ASP.NET mvc site that runs nunit integration tests and builds fine locally, however when I upload the contents of the project to our test server, I am getting the following error:
The “NUnitTestProject1.dll” assembly did not load correctly.


Features Key:

  • Easy Play: Get started in no time and in no way with the 100% pre-generated characters. Choose from various classes, races, gender and background.
  • Customize your character: Use quality premade characters or create a new one from scratch. Choose and customise your perfect hero!
  • 1 Life per Round: Play one life per round and fight through the challenges of the one life, good and bad (the rules give you the chance).
  • Character Sheet: Create and customize your own character sheet and keep track of statistics and your resource.
  • Fully Customizable: Use your computer, phone or tablet to play with this game. See how your plan will go with the custom rules.
  • More Rules: We have created a large set of rules with more than 400 rules and mini-campaigns. You can find those rules in the ‘Rules’ tab.
  • Supported: This game is supported in major-platforms such as PC, iOS, Android and the Nintendo Switch.
  • Easy-to-learn: Super easy to play and players can learn the basics in just minutes.
  • Easy-to-read: This game was designed to be straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Easy-to-play: Easy game mechanics, exciting gameplay and a balance between challenge and competition. Relax and have fun while playing.
  • Application is integrated in Google Play. If you have Google Play access, you can download the application from their app store.

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    Grimo is an independent project, with a lot of attention paid to pixel-art graphics, suspicious encounters, impressive architecture and a worthy final mission. The game has been designed and developed by a group of independent programmers, artists, musicians and writers.
    Grimo story
    You wake up to find yourself in the trunk of a moving car. A briefcase handcuffed to the wrist is a good source of trouble. And New Era Cyberchurch, made up of rebellious enthusiasts has the task of watching the freakish people who are over-sensitive to religious cults. A big hunt for a weird briefcase. And you are just a puzzle. Who are you? What’s going on? And what’s that bothersome noise in your head? A big hunt for a weird briefcase. And you are just an obstacle. Do you want to survive? Do you want to work it out?
    – Sneak up in silence or crush sculls.
    – Hack cyberheads or make holes in them!
    – How can you use implants knocked out of the enemies?
    – Force your way feeling no pain?
    – Become a shadow dancer, or speak their own language with computers!
    – Many ways, one goal
    Grimo is currently supported by:
    Support The Game
    Support on Patreon:
    Support on Ko-Fi:
    PQS Dev Discord:
    Donate: (on Kindle)
    Are you a fan of Grimo? Follow me on:
    Your reviews are important to me so I want to give something in return. It’s really quite simple: if you enjoy playing Grimo, I need to know, so I need you to tell other people! Hopefully you enjoy reading the reviews as much as I enjoy writing them, otherwise all this would be nothing more than a huge waste of time.


    Change (Final 2022)



    20 Jan 2019

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    Be The Head Of Your Party!

    You’re an unstoppable force in control of the world of Pool Nation FX!Choose to earn money or spend it to create your best squad of Pool Masters and run the tables!Pool Nation FX is the perfect choice for both the competitive player as well as the casual player.Use advanced ball physics to control the action, as you face off against your opponent in challenging real-time tournaments! Create your best lineup by earning coins as you play in a variety of different tournaments.Win matches to move up the ladder and face off in the weekly leaderboard! The more coins you win, the better your lineup will be! * Manage your pool in real-time, and even create your own custom tables! * Choose from a wide variety of gameplay options to customize your experience!* Stay on top of the news with the NEW Stats screen! * Earn coins as you play real-time tournaments * Play real-time tournaments in the game’s new Pool-a-Lot mode! * Record & Replay your matches * Challenge your friends in the new Leaderboard * Celebrate pool and party life with LIVE wallpapers, game logos and more!Discover new items, effects, animations and more with NEW tournament achievements!Every weekend in Season 3 will feature a new Limited-Time Event (LTE) to earn Coins and other unlockables!LTEs have their own leaderboards for points and special effects! Earn special in-game items that are available for a limited time!* Experience the LARGEST party pool game on the App Store! Be the head of your party in real time and create your own tables!There are no download limits! Easy to use and beginner friendly, Pool Nation FX is the perfect game for both the competitive player and casual player! What are you waiting for? LET’S PLAY!POOL QUEST #14: BULL’S EYES
    A brand-new table is in Season 3! – Promoted to the App Store the table will be in this level for 24 hours.
    Please ensure you have downloaded the 2018 Global Release and have this installed.
    1v1 tournaments are available – No AI and lower levels of difficulty for players to compete in.
    Icons for


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