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BluetoothCL Crack Free Download (Updated 2022)

BluetoothCL is an easy to use, small console software that will dump all current detected bluetooth devices into the standard output.
For each Bluetooth device, the following information is displayed: MAC Address, Name, Major Device Type, Minor Device Type, and optionally the company name of the device (if external file of MAC addresses – oui.txt is provided)









BluetoothCL With Product Key For PC (Updated 2022)

* Use a separate window for each detected device
* Displays additional information, such as mac address, device type, name, etc.
* Displays manufacturer name as well (only when oui.txt is provided on the download location)
* Displays the name of the registered Bluetooth device
* Support for internal/external Bluetooth devices
* Support for Bluetooth devices with different audio codecs
* Allows to save listing into a specific device/vehicle.
* Allows to save the data into a new tab in the standard output (Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc.)
* Allows to export data as a.csv file
* Allows to open your own oui.txt file to show manufacturer’s information
* Many options to display devices
* Supports input from serial devices, such as Laptop screen, via COM port
Installation Instructions:
In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where BluetoothCL Free Download.exe is located and double-click the file.
This will launch the installer.
Please read the displayed message during the installation.
If you are prompted for an Administrator Password, type the password and click OK.
For further installation options:
Please refer to the Readme.txt file on the download location.
To start bluetooth list, either double-click the BluetoothCL icon or go to the Start Menu>All Programs>BluetoothCL.
To exit bluetooth list, double-click the BluetoothCL icon or click the x button on the top right corner of the window.
NOTE: Some of the devices may be so special that they do not show up in the list. This will only happen if the manufacturer does not release drivers for this hardware combination.
Please note that BluetoothCL is not a windows GUI to list all detected bluetooth devices (e.g. BlueToothRadar) and if you use BlueToothRadar, you should download and use it.
Please let us know if you find any bugs and when is the next update going to be released.
Thanks for your support!
Copyright 2010-2015 Eye-Polytechnik GmbH.
Tom Quiggin

Short on time and wanting to make a quick tutorial on simple alternatives to WPF? Well, here you go. Learning WPF is great and will teach you a lot, but sometimes you do not want to learn it

BluetoothCL Crack For PC

This is a Windows Program that downloads dynamic information from a PC and displays it on an OLED display as text. The information comes from a local USB HDD, or you can configure it to come from an online database.

Utilizes the Open Source Wine Project to accomplish this. Full documentation is available for this.

This project includes the ANSI, Compiled object files, plus the source code for the Windows application.

File sizes are: The Windows program: 1.9 MB. The object files: 1.8 MB. The source code: 3.5 MB.

The ANSI Code does not come with this project. This code is included in the source code.

Cisco Aironet 350M Antenna ActiOn Antenna Holder

We have been using Cisco Aironet 350M antennas for many years. But in this time the antennas are not durable any more. In fact the Cisco 350M antenna has been discontinued since many years. So we decided to make these antennas again.

The new antenna is designed to be very durable and it has a 7 year warranty period. Because of the ABS plastic design, it is really very strong and reliable. We use solid plastic to save costs. It seems that you will get 10 years warranty from this plastic material. This is a big help if the antenna device fails suddenly.

Each antenna box is attached with a small cable (diameter 2 mm / 0.075 inch). The cable has two terminal buttons at the end and these buttons are available for the internal management. Please note that:

1) This antenna should be used with the Cisco 350M AC (click here) network cable (shown in the pictures).

2) The antenna device has been designed for a Cisco Aironet 350M antenna. If you use another Aironet model, you may need to use an accessory.

3) This antenna works with the first generations of access points. The newer generations of access points may require an accessory.

4) The accessory brand is not included in the package. You will need to buy this accessory to use your Aironet with this antenna.

5) The accessory is only available in the local market. If you need to buy from another country, please inform us and we will arrange the shipping.


1) AC power adapter

2) Set up and install the antenna device can be done in less than 5 minutes

BluetoothCL Crack + Keygen Full Version

Bluetooth Console
[1] View all detected Bluetooth devices
[2] Activate selected Bluetooth device (if both are available)
[3] Turn off selected Bluetooth device
[4] Ping selected Bluetooth device
[5] Stop pinging selected Bluetooth device
[6] Bluetooth device listing
[7] ‘Save’ and ‘Load’ Bluetooth device
[8] Activate a specific Bluetooth device
[9] Disable a specific Bluetooth device
[10] List all Bluetooth devices (most specific first)
[11] Bluetooth device listing options
[12] Read Log file
[13] Bluetooth device list options
[14] Bluetooth device statistics
[15] List Bluetooth peripheral devices
[16] Bluetooth device configuration
[17] Show and Remove Bluetooth device
[18] Start/Stop scanning Bluetooth devices
[19] Show Bluetooth MAC addresses
[20] Reset all Bluetooth connections
[21] Device discovery mode
[22] Device discover mode
[23] List all discovered Bluetooth devices
[24] Device discover mode status
The configuration of the Bluetooth console is saved in a text file (config.txt) stored in the Program Files (x86) folder of the user’s computer.
Additional information about the console can be found at
BluetoothCL is written in C# using the.NET framework and is licensed under the MIT open source license.

0.9.7 Beta
– Updated build to.NET framework 4.5.2
– Updated to new PCL profile
– Lowered the PAN (personal area network) strength to reduce battery consumption
– Windows Phone support
– iPhone 3GS (3.1.3) support
– Bluetooth HCI profile support
– Added new debug category for Pairing
– Added new debug category for Bluetooth connections
– Fixed bug with scanning list
– Fixed bug with scanning reconnection
– Fixed bug with connection timer

Short description
Blue-Tray Blue Stack is a complete suite of tools for connecting Bluetooth devices, and managing Bluetooth connections.

* Single window. it hides menu and shows last active menu
* Menu is hidden by double click anywhere on tray. Menu option “Exit” removes tray from panel automatically.
* Hardware manager
* Bluetooth manager.
* Scan

What’s New In?

BluetoothCL is an easy to use, small console software that will dump all current detected bluetooth devices into the standard output.
BluetoothCL is written for Microsoft Windows OS. Some features will not work under Linux and MacOS X.
BluetoothCL is compatible with Bluetooth Version 5.00 and later.
Supported Platforms:
BluetoothCL is a console application, so you can use it on any machine that have a console (Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10).
Supported Devices:
BluetoothCL will support the following bluetooth devices:
* IFAX Modem
* USB Keyboard (HID only)
* USB Mouse
* Bluetooth Audio Headset
* Bluetooth Audio Earpiece
* Android (Bluetooth HID only)
* Android (NFC only)
* Android (MID only)
You can use or copy this software for your personal and commercial purpose.
You may distribute this software under the terms of the GNU LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License).
You can see the license and GNU LGPL in this program (under “GNU LGPL License”).
You have to keep the copyright notice of this software.
The files oui.txt and oui.class (in the “Classes” directory) are licensed under the GNU LGPL license.
If you have any problems with the GNU LGPL, please contact me.
(Thomas Rouy)

Easily configure your Web Application Project to allow only file transfers between host and target machines using HTTP.
You can set the following parameters for your Web Application Project:
Port: A port number of 443 (HTTPS) will be defined for the Web Application Project and used to accept and send secure http requests.
Host: The hostname or IP address of the target computer which will be identified in the URL of the request
User: The username of the target computer.
Password: The password of the target computer.
File transfer directory: The path of the directory in the target computer where the files will be stored.
Callback URL: The URL of the Web Application Project which will receive the HTTP requests.
The sequence of files are optionally configured in the Web Application Project:
Uploads: A sequence


System Requirements For BluetoothCL:

OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 Mobile
Windows 10 Mobile / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 SP2
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 / Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 / Radeon HD 5670 or better
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection





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