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A traditional CAD program usually consists of:

A drawing area, usually showing a three-dimensional (3D) model of an object or scene

A collection of drawing commands and options, or a “toolbox”

A component library for storing commonly used components and designs

A drawing history or “palette”

A command line interface, or CLI, to initiate and modify the drawing process

A number of specialized tools, which allow a user to measure, annotate, and annotate drawings

A drawing-graphics subsystem, which renders (draws) the objects on screen

Read the following list to see how this information corresponds to the components you’ve seen in the CADR5D project:

Introduction to CADR5D

What to Learn

In this project, we’ll be working with the AutoCAD-like program called STAR RANGER, a 3D, parametric modeling software program for creating 3D models in the cloud. Star Ranger can work with objects and models created with various software programs, including:

In this project, we’ll be using a form you’ve already started, and modifying it with the STAR RANGER program. Later, we’ll work to improve the 3D model and save it as a file you can open in AutoCAD.

In Part 1 of this project, you learned how to set up a 3D modeling software program like STAR RANGER, and how to modify an existing drawing. You also learned how to use the drawing tools and customize the interface. In Part 2 of this project, you’ll learn how to work with 3D components and files. In Part 3 of this project, you’ll learn how to save and open a drawing in AutoCAD or the AutoCAD Lite client.

Read the What to Learn section of this tutorial to learn more about the topics we’ll cover in this project.

Create a STAR RANGER Workspace

In this project, you’ll be working with a STAR RANGER file that you’ve saved in your computer. Your STAR RANGER file is stored in a folder named STAR RANGER on your computer. You’ll be working with the STAR RANGER file by double-clicking on it. If you haven’t saved your STAR RANGER file on your computer, select File > New from the program menu.

If your STAR RANGER file isn’t in the correct

AutoCAD X64 [Updated] 2022

Autodesk COLLADA: Autodesk released its own COLLADA file format for defining 2D and 3D models for use with Autodesk’s 3D modeling software. The format allows storing models in a machine-readable format and exchanging those files with other applications using the Microsoft Windows API. A variant of COLLADA is released as a free download from Autodesk’s website.
Autodesk STL: The STL file format, released in 2001, is a computer-readable format for defining two-dimensional geometric models and solids in the field of computer-aided design. It was originally part of AutoCAD, and is now a stand-alone product.
Autodesk DrawStream: The DrawStream was a binary format that was first released as an add-on to AutoCAD (the Graphic Character Encoding was called DrawStream). Later it was included in AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD 2002. The first application to support the DrawStream was AutoCAD’s GraphXML application.
Autodesk RTF: The file format is designed for collaboration and interoperability. It supports rich text formatting, Hypertext markup language (HTML), multimedia attachments and equations. It is a widely used file format for word processing applications. In recent years, it has become a file format used by general HTML applications as well.
Autodesk A360: Autodesk released a beta of a new, cloud-based drawing and collaboration platform named A360. This system is based on Java and JavaScript and allows the user to access their documents from different devices, such as iOS or Android.


AutoCAD was originally released in 1985 by Parametric Technology Corporation. In 1987, it was made available to the public, and has been owned by Autodesk since then. After initial public release, a limited beta version was provided as part of the AutoCAD Technical Exchange Format (TEX/DXF) package. The software was widely used for industry, academia, government, and military applications until it was released as a true beta. Although the later releases were not nearly as stable as the original release, it was still used by engineers, architects, and other similar types of workers. By the 1990s, AutoCAD was one of the most widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software programs.

See also

List of Autodesk products


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AutoCAD Full Version


NFS: Accessing an exported directory without downloading the directory

Say I have a folder on my local filesystem that is exportable using NFS. Is there a way to view the files in that directory without downloading all of the files to my local system?
I know that I can do this with a symlink, but if I want to avoid having to manually update every single file that is added or removed on the shared directory, I’d rather use the files directly.
The command I’m trying to use is’mount -o loop -t nfs4 -o proto=tcp -o nfsvers=4.1 $REPO_PATH/ $REPO_PATH_to_be_accessed $mountpoint’, but it always seems to download all the files, even if I change the mount point from the original directory to something else.
Any suggestions?


What you’re describing is not a normal use case for NFS, but there is a simple hack that can be used in this case:
Suppose the exported directory /path/to/dir is mounted on the server at /mount/to/dir. Then you can simply use cp -a to copy the files in the /path/to/dir to your /mount/to/dir directory. When the transfer completes, you will still have the same files in the /mount/to/dir that you originally exported.
Edit: This is a pretty hacky workaround, but it works in this case because you are mounting the same directory.


How to order the results of a django-rest-framework API call

I am building a small REST API in Django that takes different parameters and returns a JSON result.
My question is, how do I modify the data that is returned? My API works fine but the data is returned in an arbitrary order.
I understand that the order of the data is determined by the database and I can not change that.
I need to change the order in which the API is returned.
I’m looking for a tutorial that would show the code necessary to do this?


From the documentation:

Return the objects from the queryset in the specified order.

So you can simply use the reverse keyword argument to specify the sort order.


What is the difference between two code snippets?

When i

What’s New in the?

Drawings created with Markup Assist can now be exported in two new formats:.pdf and.dwg. (video: 1:22 min.)

Include static, dynamic, or multi-layer documents in your drawings. Import files directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other text formats. (video: 1:43 min.)

Drafting & Layout Changes:

The autocad engineer software team has worked hard to make AutoCAD 2023 more user-friendly, and we’ve made some significant enhancements to the drafting and layout applications.

The Drafting application has been completely redesigned, making it easier to add and format text, symbols, and images, and align your drawings to your specifications.

Change an image or symbol directly in place to draw a new path. Mark paths as shapes or text with the same or different properties. Use new text style and tab settings for annotations. (video: 2:12 min.)

Use constraints to align and balance drawing objects. Crop and rotate pictures, then use them as decorations on your drawings. (video: 2:40 min.)

Draw geometry quickly and more accurately with the new interactive Drafting and Shape Fit tools. (video: 2:12 min.)

New features for the Layout application include a family tree manager that organizes related drawings; autosave and annotation tools for quick edits; and the ability to link to a cell in Excel and import the contents of a cell. (video: 2:22 min.)

In addition, the Layout application now automatically and continuously updates a drawing’s title, paper orientation, and paper size while you draw.


Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor with an excellent built-in 2D and 3D vector drawing program. The video below highlights the many new features of Inkscape in AutoCAD 2023.

AutoCAD JavaScript API and the Web:

The AutoCAD JavaScript API gives you the flexibility to add features to AutoCAD that give your users an even more efficient and productive experience.

New JavaScript API functions include:

Import documents from the Web into your drawings with improved support for OLE and XPS.

Add hyperlinks to linked documents in your drawings.

Simplify the process of checking for updates.

Simplify drawing checksums.

Record drawing history


System Requirements:

For optimal playability and performance, we recommend the following hardware specifications:
OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II
Memory: 2 GB RAM
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 / AMD HD 7970
DirectX: DirectX 11
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 / AMD HD 7970
Network: Broadband Internet connection
If you do not meet these requirements, you will have a less than optimal





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