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Using the Hand tool

Photoshop has a very straightforward, easy-to-use user interface (see Figure 2-3). You can select the starting point of the Hand tool with the cursor (the little circle with the arrow pointing away from the center). If you accidentally select too much, you can press the Backspace key to deselect the area. I usually like to use the Pen tool for the Hand tool and feel more confident about using it.

Figure 2-3. Here you see the Hand tool.

1. **Press the** S **tart button on your keyboard to use the Hand tool**.

If you’re comfortable using any tool in Photoshop, you can learn how to use the Hand tool with the tutorials on my website (`www.photoshopforphotographers.com`) or the Help menu.

2. **Hold down the mouse button and move the cursor around the image**.

Your cursor changes into a double-headed arrow when you’re in Hand-select mode. When you’re finished with the Hand tool, just press the mouse button and let go of the mouse. Photoshop hides the Hand tool. To select a different tool, use it and then press Enter or click again on an area to select it. In this example, I moved the cursor from left to right (Figure 2-4). Notice that the cursor’s arrow changes into a double-headed arrow to indicate the Hand-select mode. Once you’ve selected some image area, you can use any other tool to manipulate that area.

Figure 2-4. The Hand tool functions exactly like a paintbrush. Because

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Elements is also available as Adobe Premiere Elements, which includes much of the same features as the previous Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, an improved and more streamlined version of Adobe’s earlier version of Lightroom, designed for professional photographers using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Elements also has a free online service.

A Photoshop CS4 alternative for graphics designers, web designers and hobbyists, Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerful and easy to use website development tool that lets you design, develop and promote websites. Use Dreamweaver’s many design, build, and multimedia features to create, update, edit, and publish websites. Customize a website with live previews, personalize your website with thousands of web content types, and control how your website appears on mobile devices, tablets, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an online photo manager and image organizer. To transfer images, edit, and share them, especially those from large collections or web uploads.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available as a desktop version and an online version. It also has web-based versions, a mobile version, a WordPress plugin, a video editing app, and web-based desktop editing.

Photoshop is used in almost every field of the graphic arts, including photography, film and video, illustration, and design. Photoshop is used both in commercial and educational environments. The program is largely used by professionals in almost all creative fields. It has many applications ranging from picture editing to photo retouching. Any user of Photoshop can become a proficient user.

Photoshop is an advanced software developed by Adobe Systems and it is released as a monthly subscription software. You can add features to your Photoshop software by purchasing the software while it is currently on sale. Photoshop is a professional-level photo editing and graphic design tool which gives users a chance to create designs by using photo editing features.

The Adobe Photoshop software is the most powerful graphic software available today and has various applications used for picture editing, photo retouching, web design, graphic arts, film, animation, multimedia, and print. It is very useful for professionals working in the visual arts. Photoshop has many applications, but the main ones are photo retouching, photo editing, and creative tools. The software is most widely used because it is a life-size software and is extremely helpful in professional ways and for the beginner.

Photoshop is used by graphic designers, web designers, and photographers to

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How to add multiple row data in a div using jquery

I have multiple rows in which I have a button called add with image.
My data is coming from database and I want to put it in one or more rows.
If I click the add button once then the data will append in to current row.
If I click the add button more than once then the data should append in to current row and below div.
Here is my code snippet:
function addrow()
jQuery(“#myTable tr:last”).after(“”) ;


You could check to see if you already have a row in the table, if not, add one and on each iteration of the function, append to the previous row. Example –
function addrow() {
if ( jQuery(“#myTable tr”).length “);

var tr = jQuery(“#myTable tr:last”);

Text messaging at music festivals has, so far, been a constant annoyance. It’

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What does the sentence “as you and I both know” mean?

What does the sentence “as you and I both know” mean?
I had a bet with a friend of mine and we both know the answer to the question, but I just don’t understand what the point of the sentence is there.
I can understand “as you know” or “as we both know”, but “as you and I both know” just doesn’t make any sense to me.


This is a literary way of saying, as you both know,

This reminds me of the time when you and I were discussing…

It’s quite common in British English. I also want to add, it’s one of the hardest turns of phrase to translate and very often, you see it in native-English-speaking artists when they refer to a ‘homage to’ or ‘homage from’ another artist or artist’s work.

var Stream = require(‘stream’)

// through
// 1. on(‘data’, fn)
// 2. on(‘end’, fn)
// 3. on(‘error’, fn)
// 4. on(‘close’, fn)
// todo: clean this up @jxn
function through (obj, fn) {
var first = true;

Stream.prototype.write = function (data, enc, cb) {
if (first) {
this.on(‘data’, function (data) {
first = false;
cb(null, data)
else {
cb(null, data)

// don’t bother extending those.
Stream.prototype.end = function (data, cb) {};
Stream.prototype.pause = function () {};
Stream.prototype.resume = function () {};

Stream.prototype.__defineGetter__(‘readable’, function () {
return this.emit.apply(this, arguments)

Stream.prototype.__defineGetter__(‘data’, function () {
return this.emit.apply(this

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