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Visit the Photoshop GIMP forum for tutorials


ImageEdit is a graphics editor for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 called “Photoshop Express.” It was an attempt to make Photoshop less expensive and more appealing to beginners and novice photogs. It is sometimes called Photoshop Elements.

ImageEdit is a relatively new program and has the same basic image manipulation tools as Photoshop.

It costs $59.99.

SVG Impress

SVG Impress is a free online SVG image editor. It provides the features needed to create highly-customized graphics in the SVG format.

There are two ways to use SVG Impress, with a free account or a premium account.

The free account allows you to create 50 projects. It gives you a limit of 50 web page titles, a limit of 10 free mailing labels, and a limit of 50 free icons.

The premium account is more expensive but gives you access to unlimited projects, unlimited page titles, unlimited labels, and unlimited free icons.

SVG Impress was created by Alan Perill for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free Open Source image editor for the desktop. While originally released for UNIX-based operating systems, it’s not limited to that type. Its popularity and presence on Windows means that anyone can use it for image manipulation.

The following tutorials cover basic to intermediate levels of GIMP’s power, and are pretty straightforward to learn the basics, but they are all still referred to as “GIMP.”

Visit The GIMP forum


CinePaint is an Open Source image manipulation program for Linux. It was created by Kosta Kachuevski.

It has a Web site and a forum.

Visit their site


Krita is a free open-source graphics program for KDE. It is a replacement for Krita Paint for Windows.

It is a bit simpler than the full version of the Painter program that comes with Ubuntu.

Visit their site


GraphicSketcher is a free open-source graphics program for Microsoft Windows, that is a full-featured program for creating layered drawings.

Visit their site


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Photo Editing in Photoshop Elements

Photo editing in Photoshop Elements may be a bit more basic than the more professional version of Photoshop, but the basics are still there. Photoshop Elements includes basic Photo Editor and Art Editor tools. Photo editing is possible, but you’ll find that some tools may not be available.

Photo Editing Tools in Photoshop Elements

Basic Photo Editing Tools


Rectangle Selector

Focal Selection

Lightness and Contrast Adjustment


Color Curves

Detailed Differences

New Research

Photo Editing in Photoshop Elements

When Photo Editing in Photoshop Elements is most useful is for basic photo editing. Photo editing tasks such as deleting an object, adding a color to an object or cropping an image are possible.


The Cropping tool allows you to cut an object out of an image. Cutting an object out may be useful when you want to select just a particular part of an image.

You can choose to crop the image or to set the bounds for the crop.

The Border Edge setting controls how wide the outside of the crop is. Choose from a solid line, or a dotted line that changes thickness according to the zoom level.

The Width setting controls the border thickness.

The Origin setting defines the starting point from which the crop is calculated.

The Spacing setting defines how far apart the crop edge should be from the object it is cutting out. The Spacing setting determines the width of the crop.


The Paintbrush tool is a way to remove objects such as a blemish, a stain, or freckle from a person’s face.

You can select any color and remove objects without affecting any other objects in the image.


You can select an area of an image that you want to cut out. You can cut the image to a new location or keep the selected area in place. You can then paste in any image to replace the area that has been removed from the image.

You can use the Crop tool to define a selection area.

The Cut tool can be used to cut out an image or another layer. You can control the size of the crop you are making with the Crop tool, and you can use the Crop tool with any scale.

You can scale the new image to your

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Decorative signs and banners are popular in various forms, such as hand-held signs, displayed on a vertical surface like a wall or fence, and wall and fence mounted signs. The most popular of these signs and banners are the painted hand-held signs.
Maintaining the aesthetic appearance of hand-held signs is often very important. Hand-held signs are frequently moved and often are subject to exposure to weather and the elements. Cleaning, repainting and re-mounting hand-held signs are often desired.
A common practice for painting hand-held signs is to spray the signs with an industrial paint sprayer under the protection of a work hood. The work hood must extend downwardly over a significant portion of the wall or fence on which the signs are mounted. Since the signs are held firmly in place on the wall or fence, the hood must extend to a height which may significantly exceed the top of the signs. The protective work hoods are relatively expensive and are frequently themselves damaged or torn due to the rigors of such an application.
The most common alternative to the use of a work hood to effect a paint application to a hand-held sign is the use of a spray gun. Such spray guns are not normally suitable for painting objects mounted on a wall or fence. Not only is the use of such spray guns unsuitable for hand-held signs, but the spray gun is not protected by a hood for extended periods of time. While the hand-held sign will not be damaged due to exposure to the direct spray, chemicals can drip off of the sign, thereby shortening the useful life of the sign.
Adhesiveless paint signs have been developed for mounting to a vertical surface. These signs are generally very difficult to remove from the vertical surface. The typical adhesiveless paint sign has a raised display surface of paint. The base of the paint sign is attached to the vertical surface by a mounting member. The raised portion is covered with a removable release liner which adheres to the wall, or the like. After the release liner has been removed from the paint sign, the painting can be effected.
The use of adhesiveless paint signs in hand-held signs is very popular, however, such adhesiveless paint signs are costly. The adhesiveless paint sign and the release liner are relatively expensive. The adhesiveless paint sign, the release liner and the hand-held sign are often sold separately. The costs of such adhesiveless paint signs can be significantly reduced, however, if the release liner can

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copy files from remote server to local machine on iPhone

I have a situation wherein I want to copy a file from a remote server on a website to my iPhone application. I tried using the copyToPathForBackgroundURLSession function and it worked on the simulator but failed on the iPhone device. However, I tried the first copy function, NSFileManager and it worked fine on both the device and simulator.
Can someone explain to me how the 2 functions work and which is the best function to use in this situation? Is there some security or jailbreak issue that I need to be aware of?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


The first one is useful for only local files, the second is used to transfer files over your phone network via copyToURLForBackgroundURLSession, so if you want to transfer files over the phone’s data connection, only the second one is sufficient, and if you want to send locally stored files to another computer the second one is a better choice.

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Scribblenauts Unlimited contains all the creative features of the original game, and also includes a new wave of gameplay for players to explore.
New modes include “Action”, which gives players new ways to combine elements from the game’s “Category” creation mode, as well as “Physics” mode, which gives players the opportunity to create almost anything using simple building blocks.
The PC version of Scribblenauts Unlimited also features a brand new level editor. Players can create, and share, their own levels for the




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