The Institute has well furnished and air-conditioned computer lab. It has more than 200 computers of latest configuration. The laboratories are networked in client-server environment with the help of latest servers. The computer labs also have Internet facility. All Laboratories are Wi-fi and Air condition.
LLRMPC has 24 Hours Internet Facility, Our Student and Faculty Members can utilize this facility to improve their Knowledge and to get the idea about the latest technology which is booming in this world.
A 8 Mbps leased line connection from BSNL caters for the Internet facility and the Email. Internet Centre is equipped with the latest Software and Hardware Configuration which is required for the high quality service. Students can download various topics from Internet for their educational purpose.

LLRMPC boasts of a well equipped Communication Skills Lab to cater to the needs of students in present scenario. The lab gives special emphasis on excellence in communication skills to enable the students to venture into their professional life successfully. It also attempts to inculcate the practical skills of communication through discussion sessions, presentations, mock meetings and mock interviews that enable the students to compete both at national and international levels. Its objective is to develop the all round personality of its students and building positive attitude along with confidence amongst them.
The section organizes various programs like:
• Career planning & Career mapping
• Group discussions
• Case studies
• Personality development
• Interpersonal & Communication skills
• Seminars & Debates

An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues. LLRMPC has a fully air-cooled assembly hall with large capacity and equipped with Multimedia, LCD and Overhead projector and indoor public address system which provides an ideal setup for organizing conferences, workshops and expert lectures.
This includes the use of Auditorium, in-house, Chairs, Curtains, air conditioning, sound equipment and electricity and staff thereof. Any additional equipment and lights etc., if required will obtain on payment of hire and electrical charges.

Wi-Fi Campus
The term ‘Wi-Fi’ suggests ‘Wireless Fidelity’ and as such the college infrastructure provides mail server with managed bandwidth of 8 Mbps, which help in communication through messaging within the campus.
LLRMPC offers spacious classrooms equipped with up to date technological equipments besides access to modern computer laboratories with internet link to facilitate students learning experiences.
There is a separate provision for tutorial rooms to conduct the tutorial sessions which facilitate regular interactions between teachers and students.
The two engineering drawing halls can accommodate two sessions of 60 to 90 students each at a time and are provided with asset of 3-D models and drawing boards with tussles.

Physics Laboratories
Physics Laboratories is also well equipped with latest equipments as per requirement.
Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory is also equipped with every type of chemicals, glass ware, latest equipments as per requirement. Electrical and Electronics Laboratories
Electrical and Electronics Laboratories are well equipped with all apparatus required for ECE and ETE students.

Institute has a number of workshops equipped with all latest machines and tools required in all streams.
Electronic Shop      Electrical Shop    Carpentry Shop   Sheet Metal Shop
Painting Shop          Welding Shop       Smithy Shop          Foundry Shop

The term “library” has itself acquired a secondary meaning: “a collection of useful material for common use.” Library is the brain of any educational institution of higher learning. It is the hub around which all the academic activities of the institution revolve. The central library of LalaLajpatRai Memorial Polytechnic College computerized and air conditioned with index on CD ROMs for easy accessibility. It is stocked with thousands of books authored by authorities on the subject.
The intake of books is a regular feature in the library and no important title related to the courses of study is missed. In addition to the course books general books for personality development, general knowledge, handbooks, yearbooks, reference books, DELNET etc. are also added to the collection. The library subscribes to subject journals, 50 magazines of current interest along to keep the students abreast with the day to day happenings in the world and their fields of study.
The library is tastefully furnished and it can seat more than 100 students at a time in its spacious reading halls. The serene atmosphere in the library with rows of neatly stacked books plays a major role in attracting the students to the library for serious study and supplementing their class notes. The central library has a collection of 25000 volumes and subscribes to 100 national & international periodicals. Apart from books it has a huge collection of Audio video material, CD’s & DVD’s.

Transport Facility
LLRMPC possesses its own fleet of newly purchased luxury buses to ferry its students. The college has a sense of security especially for girl students by providing pick and drop facility from all corners of Ludhiana and nearby towns / villages to the college campus.
Buses ensure that our students and staff are able to reach the college on time with utmost ease.
Bus fee is charged semester wise but for the full year.

Bus Routes:

Dina Sahib to College Ludhiana To College Doraha to College Dharamkot to Ajitwal
Via Stations Via Stations Via Stations Via Stations
Dina Sahib Basti Doraha Kariyal
Nihal Singh Wala SamralaChowk Sahnwal Dharamkot
Dhoorkot Transport Nagar Giaspura Jalalabad
Ran Singh Kalan Gill Chowk DhandariKalan Fatehgarh
Nangal Bus Stand Dholewal Bridge LandheKe
Bode Bharat Nagar Chowk SherpurChowk Moga
BadhniKalan AartiChowk Bus Stand Ludhiana BhughipuraChowk
Lopon P.A.U. Gate No.2 Mehna
Mallian P.A.U. Gate No. 1
Daudhar Agar Nagar
Dhudike Baddowal
SaddoKe Dakha
Tihara to College Gehlan to College Rode to College Barnala to College
Via Stations Via Stations Via Stations Via Stations
Lohgarh MacchikeNawa Rode Jodhpur Cheema
Indgarh Gehlan Rajianan Barnala
Dayakhurd SohianDiwane Baghapurana Sangroor
Bhindderkalan MacchikePurana Kale Ke Raisar
Vehniwal Bilaspur Chrik DhalleKe
KokriKalan Rama ChrikKhote Sangehra
Hatur Ramuwala MahalKalan
Lakha Rania DadhaHoor
Jhordan BadhniKhurd RaiKot
Manuke Butter Bassian
Mallah Maddoke Biyal
Rasulpur Dhudike Kamaalpur
Dangian Roomi
ChuharChakk Dholan Gate
Dhudike Jagraon

LLRMPC has the facility of a spacious and clean canteen that caters to the taste of all students. College canteen can conveniently accommodate more than 100 students at a time, functioning in the campus.
It is well maintained with efficient service and a take away counter.
LLRMPC canteen caters to the needs of faculty, staff and day boarding students which offer hygienic food and other eatables at economical rates. The canteen committee monitors rates, quality and proper service to the users. Water purifier has also been installed in canteen separately.
It’s a place where students unwind and relax with friends to enjoy good quality, delicious and healthy food. The college canteen is a place where students congregate to not only eat but exchange views.

The gymnasium functions as a training facility for competitors in public games. It is also a place for socializing and engaging in intellectual pursuits.
LLRMPC has well equipped gymnasium which incorporates Stepper, Jogger, Cycle, all types of Bench Presses, Dumbles, Rods, with latest modern infrastructure. It functions for both physical and intellectual education of young boys and girls.
LLRMPC ensures in providing proper training in different physical exercises to the competitors for greater contests.

A sport is an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means. It is governed by a set of rules or customs. In a sport the key factors are the physical capabilities and skills of the competitor when determining the outcome
We have also better facility for sports. There is Gym for bodybuilders, Cricket, Football, Vollyball
The mission is to motivate Sports Culture in the students of this College by making them participate in Routine Sports activities, preparing teams to participate in P.S.B.T.&I.T. Inter-College Tournaments and organizing Tournaments at University, State and National level. The other Sports infrastructure includes, Football, Hockey, Handball, Kabbadi&Kho-Kho grounds along with Volleyball, Lawn Tennis & Badminton outdoor courts.
This is in contrast with other judged activities such as beauty pageants and body building, where skill does not have to be shown and the criteria are not as well defined.

National Service Scheme
LLRMPC NSS Unit aims at spreading brotherhood and rich cultural heritage of Punjab amongst the students by organizing community welfare activities, celebrating religious occasions besides collaborating with social organizations,
For the protection of environment by organizing tree plantation camps, blood donation camps, first aid camp at Ajitwal and helping the down trodden members of the society in the time of need.
Roll Of National Service Scheme
The National Service Scheme starts at school level and they have to play a variety of community of social services from traffic control in some situation to serving the needy during some disastrous situation and calamities.
The objectives of NSS includes to bring up social transformation by utilizing youth vitality through various devolmentalactivites.There are no boundries of work specified and they could be utilized for the upliftment whenever presumes necessity.

LLRMPC is concerned with not only providing the best in the field of knowledge, practical training but also is concerned about the well being of the students.
The college has its own dispensary where the medical facilities exist for the students and staff members.
A duly qualified staff and proper stock of medicines have been ensured by the college authorities. It also has a team which is ready with first-aid box to provide preliminary assistance to an injured or unwell student. There is also a provision to call the doctor in case of emergency.