Message From H.O.D. (IT)

Information is lifeblood of business. The efficiency of an organization is to a large extent governed by the pertinence and regularity of the information provided to those who perform the functions of management.
The term Information means “data processed or evaluated for a special purpose”. It is necessary to evolve and operate an effective and efficient management information. In addition to achieving Bookish Knowledge young generation should understand the importance of values and must follow the policies of globalization, free trade and liberalization and become good citizens and serve the nation.

Best Wishes
Manveen Kaur ( H.O.D) I.T. Deptt

Department of IT Faculty

Name Designation Branch Qualification
Manveen Kaur HOD I.T MCA/Msc (IT)
Kamalpreet Singh Dhillon Sr.Lect I.T B.Tech/Pur M.Tech
Jagwinder Singh Sr. Lect I.T MCA
Sumit Katyal Lect I.T B.Tech
Manmeet Singh Grewal Sr.Lect I.T B.Tech/Pur M.Tech
Rajbir Singh Lect I.T B.Tech
Harmeet Singh Lect I.T B.Tech
Rupinder Kaur Lect I.T B.Tech
Manpreet Kaur Lect I.T B.Tech
Miss Mandeep Kaur Lect I.T. B.Tech ( Pur. M.Tech)
Miss. Sukhjinder Kaur Lect I.T. Btech
Sharnpreet Kaur Inst I.T. Diploma
Sikander Singh Inst I.T. Diploma
Anantpal Singh Lect I.T. B.Tech