Message From H.O.D. Department of Civil Engineering

Dear Students,

Civil Engineering is a broad field of Engineering dealing with the design, construction and maintenance of fixed, structures, including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges etc. Civil Engineering today is comprised of many related specialties with overlap and shape into each other. I wish that my students strive to become good citizens & do their very best to remove the shades of darkness, be ready to face obstacles. You must go ahead with your head held high & success will be yours.

With best Wishes
Gurinder Singh(HOD Civil Engg.)


Department of Civil Engineering Faculty


Name Designation Branch Qualification
Harpreet Singh Khera  Lect Civil B.Tech
Ramandeep Singh Sodhi Inst Civil Dip
Mr. Sourav Kumar Lect Civil B.Tech
Mr. Sunil Kumar Lect Civil B.Tech
Mr. Harwinder Singh Lect Civil B.Tech
Mr.Amandeep Singh Inst Civil Dip
Mr.Gurpreet Kaur Inst Civil Dip
Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Inst Civil Dip
Mr.Vivek Kumar Inst Civil Dip
Mr.Amit Kumar Lect Civil BTech
Mr.Gursewak Singh Lect Civil BTech
Mr.Gurtej Singh Lect Civil B.Tech
Mr.Satnam Singh Lect Civil B.Tech
Mr.Geetinderpal Singh Lect Civil B.Tech



The object for which the institution is established is to advance the science and art of civil engineering surveying in all aspects of the specializations of geospatial engineering and commercial management within civil engineering for the benefit of the public, by upholding and advancing the standards of education, competence, practice and conduct of its members.



To strive and produce WHOLESOME Civil Engineers who can tackle

  1. The multiple responsibilities of analysis, design and construction of traditional and modern structures.
  2. The problems encountered in the areas of environment, water resources, transport, urban planning & remote sensing.
  3. The socio-cultural and economic gamut of civil engineering practice encompassing public utilities and services.
  4. Impart education to process – based functional design, analysis including computer based analysis, field design problems with relevant standards and construction and execution of housing, industrial, irrigation and environmental structures