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AntiSnooper Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download For Windows 👊

If you use your laptop in a public space or you simply work in a crowded office, your privacy might not be protected very well, as prying people can take a peek at your screen when you are not paying attention.
To prevent this from happening, you can rely on AntiSnooper, a specialized software solution that can hide the contents of your documents so that nobody else can read them.
Protect your privacy by obscuring the text in your documents
The application installs without any issues, and its main window displays a list with all the currently running programs – you just need to choose the one you want to protect, then create the configuration you prefer.
For example, you can add Notepad to the list of currently processed apps, assign the profile a relevant name then choose the protection method.
You can choose to obscure the text in your file so that the words and letters can no longer be readable, which means that even if your documents are still open in the background, somebody that glances over your shoulder into your monitor will not be able to understand the text.
Launch a custom screensaver within the window of a currently running program
Another method of protecting your privacy when using AntiSnooper is to launch a screensaver within a chosen window.
In other words, rather than display their regular contents, the windows of all marked apps will show one the screensavers currently installed on your PC. Needless to say, none of the real contents will be available until you manually access the app.
Hide the contents of your app with very little effort
All in all, AntiSnooper is meant to help you protect your privacy no matter where you work on your PC – as long as your apps are added to the protection list, you can rest assured that no one can snoop on you.
Briefly put, you can focus on working on a report without worrying that the apps currently running in the background need to be minimized at all times: on the contrary, keep them as visible as possible and protect them with AntiSnooper since your contents will be safe.







AntiSnooper Crack + With License Code For PC

AntiSnooper Crack is a screen saver application that can protect your privacy when you work on your PC.
AntiSnooper is an application that allows you to protect your privacy, ensuring that nobody can spy on you.
The application allows you to protect a chosen set of apps from being able to see the contents of your files.
AntiSnooper allows you to make the contents of your files are protected from the programs that run in the background.
The application allows you to protect the apps that have been selected from the list.
How do I install AntiSnooper:
AntiSnooper is a program that works with a software signature and does not need to be installed.
AntiSnooper is a screen saver application that can be activated directly through the start menu.
Start by opening the start menu, then choose the option that reads “screensavers”.
Right-click on the list of screensavers and the program will display in the list for you to choose from.
AntiSnooper – Once you have chosen the one that best suits your needs, then right-click on its name and then choose the option to run it.
You will now be presented with a list of installed programs that can be protected.
It is recommended that you choose only the applications that you need protected so that you do not have to bother with installing a large number of programs.
Use AntiSnooper:
Right-click on an application on the list of programs to be protected, and then choose the screen saver option.
Activate the screensaver that will be displayed in the list of screensavers and then choose the protection method you want to use.
The window will be locked and the contents of the currently running programs will be hidden so that nobody can read them.
So, install AntiSnooper in your operating system and then activate the protection of the currently running apps so that you can be sure that nobody has the ability to spy on your activities.
Get AntiSnooper – Visit the website and download the AntiSnooper application for your computer, then you will have the ability to install it in seconds.
Step 3: AntiSnooper – Get Tookit
When you have downloaded AntiSnooper, you will be able to install it on your computer.
This is a very easy process that will take you a few minutes, so you can do your job as usual and no complications will appear.
When you have downloaded

AntiSnooper Full Version

AntiSnooper is a free software application from the Search & Spyware category; this program is currently available for download from our site. The latest version of the program is, and it was updated on 2010-10-06.

Antisnooper is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1; it has been scanned and verified by our team with their anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and it is guaranteed that no dangerous software will be installed on your PC if you click on the Download button.

Install this program on your PC today and grant full access to this giveaway for everyone.

No matter where you work on your PC – as long as your apps are added to the protection list, you can rest assured that no one can snoop on you.

Protect the things you want to hide with a screensaver within the window of a currently running app.

AntiSnooper Screenshots

AntiSnooper Full ChangeLog



* Added the Auto-hide feature: you no longer have to hover your mouse over the window you want to protect to toggle the visibility of it. The Auto-hide feature can be deactivated in the configuration settings.


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AntiSnooper scans all the running processes on the computer and displays them in a list.
All the process information is displayed, including their name and the process’ current memory and CPU consumption.
The application allows you to exclude any process from the procedure, or to exclude a process and its children, so that the masked process cannot be viewed or minimized.
AntiSnooper is a free download and easy to install.
AntiSnooper is a freeware.

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