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**Sampling and Scraping a Web Site**

Sampling is when you find a website or image online and save it to your computer. You can then play with the design or the photo in your image editor by pasting it in and adjusting the color, contrast, and other attributes.

You can also drag images from a browser to your image editor to make the process much easier.

Scraping is when you take the (hopefully) legally obtained image and convert it into a design. In the past, you were limited to using clip art from the Internet or designing the image in a drawing program. However, with a bit of skill, you can now take any image you find online and scrapbook it into a layout or design it into your own.

There are many scrapbooking programs available. Some scrapbooking programs (and even magazine publishing programs) provide a library of images designed to speed your creative process.

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While it’s less complex it’s still a complicated tool to use. To get a feel for it, we’ll walk through some of the basics of how you’ll use the tool. Photoshop Elements was one of the first websites we created.

While Photoshop is a powerful tool, it’s a lot of work for some people to master. Photoshop has a steep learning curve for beginners.

Photoshop Elements can be used by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Photoshop is expensive and it’s a tool that photographers are often familiar with. Elements is free, and it’s quite a bit easier to use than the pro version of Photoshop.

What is Photoshop Elements?

Elements is a free, web-based graphics editor, and is built on Adobe’s other image creation tools.

Elements was first released in 2002, but that version is no longer available for download or use. Adobe has released some updates that are included in the latest version of Elements.

Adobe’s Elements has many features in common with other Adobe applications including:

Photoshop (formerly Photoshop CS)




Adobe Photoshop Elements is for people who want to use their computer to create images for the web.

There are many reasons why you might use Elements:

To make edits for your own use.

To create memes.

To create premium web design or graphics.

To create awesome print or social media images.

To edit images for online social media.

Elements also offers a lot of features similar to Photoshop. The difference is that Elements allows you to edit JPEG and GIF files. Photoshop requires Adobe’s professional applications to edit these images.

The most powerful feature is the ability to edit the image layer order. This is a feature that most artists understand, but to many photographers it’s incredibly important to understand how to use.

Working with layers in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements was built on Photoshop, which is a powerful tool for editing and creating images. There are many reasons to use Photoshop, and you should consider Elements a cheaper alternative if you don’t need a lot of Photoshop features.

When you work in Photoshop Elements, you’re editing files as a single layer called the image layer. When you create an image in Elements, you’re adding and placing layers one on top of the other.

Layers make it easy to work

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WASHINGTON – A secret State Department probe of U.S. aid to Pakistan going to militant groups has discovered “irregularities and mismanagement” in the program and is recommending changes to be made by the Obama administration.

The probe was initiated in 2009 after President Obama took office and it gained more urgency when the Obama administration announced an imminent end to such aid to Pakistan. A watchdog study found that American military aid had long gone to the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency and to the army, which it said was being used by extremist groups, particularly the Haqqani network.

The study used information from 38 interviews and ultimately recommended that “a more targeted and effective approach” be taken to aid Pakistan.

The State Department initiated its own investigation after the U.S. embassy in Islamabad reported that the U.S. military aid to Pakistan was flowing to extremist groups. The U.S. has provided Pakistan more than $1.4 billion in military aid since 2004. The investigation was not disclosed until the Obama administration issued a notification last October informing Congress that aid to Pakistan would be phased out by the end of 2013.

According to a State Department document that lays out the recommendations for Pakistan and other countries, the investigation found problems. The military aid provided to the ISI was “generally inconsistent with U.S. law and failed to meet legal standards for recipient country eligibility.”

American assistance was provided through a so-called Foreign Military Financing program, which is administered by the State Department. It’s through this program that the U.S. transfers its air force to the Korean air force, its navy to the Indian navy, and so on. It provides around two-thirds of the funds for Pakistan’s military.

The State Department investigation found the military did not control the money donated to the ISI. A July 2008 cable, quoted by the investigation, said, “There were allegations that the military’s oftentimes corrupt and inefficient misuse of military funds and inability to control militants had led to the proliferation of small arms and IEDs, which in turn had become powerful forces of influence in some localities in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).”

The investigation did not find that American military assistance had played a role in civilian casualty rates or the recruitment of militants by the military.

The document said that the U.S. was spending about $300 million annually through the military grants

What’s New In?

Representatives of Christian groups came in strong numbers to oppose a proposal by the Commission on Presidential Debates, to limit a debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to two hours.

The CPD estimated that only a quarter of the U.S. population would be able to watch such a truncated debate.

The most important moral reason for excluding a debate on a third-party candidate, the CPD argued, is not that it would be unfair to voters. After all, the CPD said, third-party candidates currently have about the same right as major-party candidates to participate in debates. The main concern is that candidates who receive the most votes should be given the opportunity to debate at a higher level than would candidates who get votes in much smaller numbers.

“If a large and highly competitive campaign in the United States does not have the resources to participate in a debate, the crowd, not the debate, should be the deciding factor,” said CPD Chairman Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.

If candidates are to be given the same opportunity to participate in debates no matter who they get the most votes, then the debates have to be given the same treatment regardless of the level of interest in them. In fact, it would be wrong to exclude a debate between the two leading candidates if it was held on such a small stage as the one normally allotted to the third-party candidates.

Last week, the CPD won the endorsement of the major TV networks for limiting both debates to two hours. The networks are owned by corporations, which benefit financially from the debate. Proponents of the CPD position argued that by being paid by the networks to control the debate, the CPD would have the incentive to keep it at the maximum level of difficulty.

The Christian Coalition argued that the CPD is relying on the same tired rhetoric from 1964 that excluded Barry Goldwater from debates with President Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater was the standard-bearer of the Republican Party and the states’ rights movement.

“I think the convention is trying to have it both ways,” said Ralph D. Reed, president of the Christian Coalition. “They will exclude a third-party candidate because he is third party. Then they say they are not trying to exclude a third party candidate because third party candidates have the same rights as a major candidate.”

This is similar to the strategy that the Democratic Party used to keep third-party

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